What energy is currently flowing?

The month of May is such a delight holding such important dates, beginning with the festival of Beltane.
The energy is definitely in the air, you can notice it every where… birds chirping, looking for their mates and diligently looking for the perfect sticks n twigs to build their nests.
Nature has a way of showing us her ebb & flow and its a phenomenal spectacle!

* May 13: Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn begins

by Mickie Mueller

Surrounded by the blooming trees of spring, we brightly welcome the Celtic month of the hawthorn tree, which corresponds to the Ogham letter huath (hoo-ah) and teaches us to overcome tension and obstacles in our path. This small tree used in hedgerows is considered to be a guardian between the realms, and a protective, purifying tree. Often used in Beltane rituals, you may call ion the hawthorn tree to remove obstacles to finding love during this lusty month.
This is an outdoor spell. Gather a pink or lavender candle and some hawthorn blossoms (if you cannot find the real thing a picture will do). At the end of this spell, scatter the blossoms ot the wind or burn the picture and scatter the ashes. Over the next several weeks, keep your heart and eyes open for the love on the horizon. When you are ready, light the candle and repeat:

“Hawthorn tree of power this night,
Open my heart to love’s delight,
Free my thoughts and cleanse my mind,
And help me find a true love mine.”

* May 20: The Sun Enters Gemini

Are you feeling restless or bored? Be sure to pace yourself, because each year as the Sun travels though curious Gemini, it’s as if time speeds up and there aren’t enough hours in the day! This is a great time to seek information and expand your social connections. With all your phone calls, IMs, e-mails, tweets and texts, you’ll be happy to put your head on your pillow each night after a full day! This is a wonderful transit for joining clubs, starting your own blog, making new friends or throwing a party. Take advantage of this social energy — you never know who you might meet!

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