Benefits of Yoga for Babies, Mommies and Daddies


The Benefits of Yoga for the entire family

The first 5 years of a soul’s re-entry to a human body is to re adapt itself to life in this vibration and to learn the “new ways” of the human race, the advances in humankind. These 5 years serve as foundation in building a future. According to clinical studies, in the area of child development the first 11 years are where a child learns and becomes the future adult.
Adopting a regular practice of yoga with the children is incredibly helpful in the progress of their growth and in the bond between them and the rest of the family.
As a yoga teacher and a mom I experience the sweet reward of practicing yoga with my baby and noticing how much it gives to her and to us as a unit. Its remarkable the impact it has in the life of human beings. Olivia was about 6 months when I started teaching a Mommy & Me Yoga class and by now the class has developed into a Bring Your Baby Yoga class where mommies who cannot or choose not to leave their young children in the care of another to take a class get to bring them to practice. The babies learn by example. Its beautiful to see how the babies learn by example. So every Wednesday in the yoga shala we have babies of all ages so the class is catered to mommas with infants and toddlers. There is a community potluck running from 12:30 to about 2:30 where we all sit and catch up while the little ones continue to play. Its a beautiful way to spend the day!

How is yoga beneficial for our children?

Babies are natural yogis!

They develop through yoga poses, which aid in their gross and fine motor skills.

Yoga helps them to improve sleeping patterns both in duration and frequency, as well as encourages sleeping through the night.

Yoga poses and stretches for infants aid in digestion, constipation, and relieve gas and colic.

Yoga promotes bonding between parents and babies. Playful yoga songs and activities, as well as seeing other babies practice, help make the whole experience fun! Including tummy time, which is super great for mommies and fun for babies 😉

Soothing techniques like pranayama (breathwork), humming and massage, teach parents to help babies to calm themselves.

Increases body awareness, both for baby and parent. Yoga is a great way for Moms to strengthen their bodies, calm their minds, feel relaxed, and get back in shape.

Yoga reduces stress for both parents and babies because it stimulates the nervous system and promotes the natural healing process.

Baby Yoga creates balance between strength and flexibility in developing bodies, so they grow strong and maintain the flexibility they are born with.

Initiates social interaction in a non-competitive environment for both babies and new parents, it’s a great way to meet other new Moms and Dads becoming part of another branch within the community.

Healthy habits learned early in life become healthy habits for the rest of baby’s life.

Babies love yoga!

Yoga is excellent for movers and shakers too.

Benefits for Babies/Toddlers

It deepens the bond between parent & child by offering something fun and exciting to share

Helps baby sleep longer and better, both during nap time and through the night.

Improves baby’s digestion and ease tummy troubles relieving fussiness and colic

Helps discover ways to enhance your baby’s motor development through conscious body movement and breath

Strengthens the immune system

Encourages neuromuscular development

Improves body-awareness

Being playful helps baby relief stress and frustration

Increases your child’s attention span and balances child’s energy levels

Provides an outlet for social interaction

Nurtures self-esteem and creativity. Yoga stimulates the brain and endocrine system (the glands) which promotes healthy learning abilities

Builds a fit, healthy lifestyle providing the child the opportunity to create standards and learn to make choices instead of settling for less


What are the benefits for the parent/caregiver?

Helps us discover our child’s personality and learning style

Learn ways to calm the child

Build your confidence as a parent

Reduce your stress and anxiety by removing fear and doubt and becoming more focused

Create memorable moments with your child while engaging in a structured physical activity together

It will help you get more sleep!

For this and so much more is creating a yoga practice with the family essentially beautiful.

Happy Yoga!!


Wednesdays is Family Day at I Love Yoga Studio. We have a full schedule for children of every age. Mommies, Daddies, everyone is welcome to join in the fun. Learn More

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