A New Cycle We Call 2017

What awesome times we live in, times to celebrate the inner Wisdom of Gaia as She rises Her Consciousness and delivers us at the gateway of Knowledge and Unification. We honor the Divine in each of us every time we honor the Divine Gaia, our Mother, our Guru, our Home.

The irony of the contrast that is, on some levels, happening on our planet at this moment are part of the process of cleansing our structure and strengthening and re-stabilizing our support system.

The system we are currently relying on is ancient, and the paradigms within it have expired. It is no longer useful to us. We are at the awakening of a new system, one that is flexible and has more flow to allow our vastness, to respect our freedom. There are many humans who still function within the old programming and they are feeling restricted, fearful and are resisting the inevitable change that is upon us. This is what is translating as fearful activities on our planet right now. We, the lightworkers, the lighthouses, the peacemakers and kindness generators are focused and remain calm, fearless and steady with our task at hand. We are in the sweet nectar of walking the path of Joy, we are being called to hold space for our global family to continue to rise above the fears and doubts of the illusiory world of limitations and enter this magical realm of Peace On Earth, it exists, its is Real and it is Here Now, alive and present in each human heartbeat. Our prayers continue to carry out Pure Positive Energy to each living Soul in this beautiful manifestation of Gaia. We are what we create, and we are Magnificent.

A prayer of radiant Light goes out and touches every heart, a beacon of Peace is alive and pulsing for each mind willing to feel the Eternal Healing Joy of Harmony and Bliss. Bliss is where we are. Bliss is in the constant stream of Source Abundance. The Infinity Mind of Absolute Consciousness is living within us all, we open our hearts and feel this Living Magick inside us


2017 the year of Universal 1 …ONENESS …. Deliberately creating the life experience we dream of has never been more present and real than right now.

The New Lunar Year of the Fire Rooster brings us to a frequency of groundation and transmutation. We are at the cusp of our metamorphosis. We are in the realization (Real-Eyes) of our integration as One Global Heart, One Conscious Mind, One Love Family. We are in the Love Matrix so its time to bring up our most powerful “tool” “ability” “capacity” ..not weapon, but our most powerful “quality” which is Love, and reach out into the magnetic frequency of Gaia so She may assist us in spreading this Light of Love, the Love that is without the conditions of the human mind but with the inner, effortless, knowingness unconditional love, and share it more than ever before with our planet.

Gaia is reaching a higher vibratory dimension, some know this process as “Ascension” and we are all part of this transition. It is very important that we connect with the awareness that the 3D lifestyle is ancient and we must complete the process of elevation into the divine reality of 4D, where the energy frequencies are higher, faster, lighter, purer and unconditional, where Unconditional Love exists. Out of the paradigm of duality and into the AWEmazingness of Unity Integration. There is no unconditional love in 3D, it isnt possible to experience freedom  as a species in the third dimension, our ancient masters, teachers, they knew this. It is time to stop thinking in terms of being a catholic, or buddhist, or muslim, or a seeker or follower of a path and BE THE PATH WALKERS instead. Be the Unconditional Loving Being that we are. It is encrypted in our newly developed DNA. WE ARE LOVE. WE ARE ONE. WE ARE NOW.

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