The Spirit of Ma’at

The people who make it their business to inform us about the future have billed September 2011 as a month full of cataclysm and upheaval. With major Earth changes already altering the fabric of our lives, even the most skeptical among us has to wonder if the prophets might be right when they say: “This isn’t going to let up. We haven’t seen anything yet”. In the midst of predictions that raise all of life’s more ultimate questions, how do we respond to the one that asks us; “What do we need to be doing at a time like this?” If some of us have chosen to keep living our lives as if everything will keep right on going, there are others who are ready to leave it all behind and head for higher ground. For every person who decides to “Get right with God” or hunker down in an “Off the Grid” bunker, there are just as many who aren’t the least bit concerned about how all of this plays out. As we approach the Fall Equinox, no one knows for sure what the future holds – but no matter
how we choose to approach it, we are united by the fact that we are all in this together.

source: The Spirit of Ma’at, Drunvlo Melchiezideck

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