Taurus Full Moon

Full Moon – November 13, 2008 1:17am.

The Full Moon this November is in the zodiac house of Taurus, and is known as the Mourning Moon, among the many other names.

The Taurus Full Moon is excellent for material plane works, though the final aspect of Moon opposite Mars makes doing direct work difficult. So be clever: rather than plan the ritual directly, use opposites. Don’t state your purpose as, “I want more money,” say, “I want poverty in my life to disappear.” Better yet, if you can identify barriers that have impeded your progress, work to banish that. For this reason, this Moon also bodes well for some types of healing, especially if you want to get rid of something specific – like acne or excess weight.
Candle magic can be effective for this type of spell. Find a small candle to represent the obstacle in your life. A birthday candle will work well. Be sure to put it in a fireproof holder or container. Compose a short chant, like “Acne vanish,” “Obesity away,” or “Poverty be gone.”
Cast a circle, light the candle, and chant your chant. Visualize the obstacle going away for as long as it takes the candle to completely burn out. When the flame finally flickers and dies, immediately shout, “So mote it be!” and end the circle.

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