The Roots Of The Journey

My family migrated to this country when I was very little and as the years traveled on we adopted many precious seeds of the North American culture and blended them with our own. This has been my life for 40 years… Its amazing to me as I now take a look back at life as it was, while present to life as it is and discover the mashup of the new race of humankind on our Earth … who isn’t nowadays a blend of culture??Either by choice or by life our world cultures have removed all borders and blended beautifully. How divine… Its nice to know one’s roots, where we come from and see these spread their seeds as we witness our children grow.

This great morning I stand in my kitchen, leaning up against the counter cutting veggies while I prepare lunch and I just found myself thinking “how wonderful it is to have yummy fresh ingredients to prepare this meal, I am so grateful to our Earth for providing such perfect flavors for us to taste and to be healthy. I appreciate the Light of our Sun for charging this ingredients with pure prana to nourish our bodies”. As this experience is flowing in my vortex my other layer of awareness is witnessing theever so sweet sounds of my daughter as she plays in the yard having a super fun  conversation with my mom while they both play with the Earth, having each their own experience. The entire time there is music playing in the background, tunes native to my hometown gracing my ears with yet another layer of extraordinary bliss. I simultaneously enjoy the memories of childhood as I reconnect to the roots of my past while I take pleasure in the droplets of this present moment that im sharing with Self, in the company of my daughter and my mom. Life is precious, it is a gift like no other … hOMe is in the heart

One Love