December and the Holiday Season


The major holidays of the month of December tend to become the focus of many people’s lives to the point which people schedule their activities around them. Some of us become so busy and stressed that we forget to honor ourselves and take time to relax and reflect upon our lives and what really matters to us. During this time of renewal all things should be considered, and we can use this season of celebration not only to acknowledge the light but the darkness as well.
In some cultures, the winter Solstice marks the returning of the light making this a good time for contemplation and meditation, and a chance to soul-search. Since ancient times, some cultures have taught that light is good and dark is bad, but in this era of awakening we’ve learned in fact that this is a limited way of thinking since Light and Dark create a perfect balance. We need to stop seeing them as “good” or ‘bad”, they are just different, complementary, and necessary.
When we close our eyes to rest, to meditate, what we see is darkness, the darkness inside of us, which is infinite space within the finite body. Bill Plotkin describes in Soulcraft the journey of spirit as an ascent and the journey of soul as a descent into the depths of the self, “Soul embraces and calls us towards what is most unique in us. Spirit encompasses and draws us towards what is most unversal and shared.” ..so this time of the year celebrate both!

This December we have a Blue Moon, December 31st is the second full moon of the month, just as the year ends. this is a perfect time to honor new beginnings.

Meditation Practice

Find a place that will be completely dark when the lights go out. Prepare by having a candle and lighter or matches before you. Sit on the floor or at a table, and ground yourself, prepare the sacred and safe space. When you’re ready, turn off the lights. Sit in complete darkness and silence, and begin by visualizing the descent into your self. Do not feel frightened, remember you are in a safe space and what you’re feeling is the unexplored territory.
You can visualize descending a flight of stairs if you like, taking you deeper into your inner realms. Knowing you cannot get lost helps you get rid of your fear, remind yourself that you can light the candle whenever you choose. Look deeply inside yourself. Be honest. This is a secret place that no one else needs to know about. Investigate; examine memories, usually they are accompanied by feelings, emotions. If something does frighten you, light the candle. If not, light it when you are finished. Imagine the candle as the ascent upward from your journey, shedding light on what you learned, and bringing balance by adding light to darkness. This light illuminates the dark the way the spirit illuminates the soul.
You can come back and explore again any time you wish, and you should. Become a regular visitor, pretend you are an explorer. Draw or write about the landscape of your soul. Dig deep and find the roots of why you have the opinions you hold and how you came to the path you are on. What do you need? What do you want? Ask the tough questions. Just because you ask doesn’t mean you have to make an immediate change in your life; this process takes a lifetime of study. We are always changing and reinventing ourselves. Discover who you are and why. And watch yourself continue to change and grow.
Spirit connects us; soul sets us apart. Soul-searching is an investigation of our mysteries, a journey of self-discovery. There is a balance to be found in celebrating the yin and yang, dark and light, spirit and soul, the universal and the personal.
in this month of celebrating light, join together with others, and don’t forget to celebrate the darkness as well – the beautiful, often hidden mysteries of your soul.The process will enrich your personal life and your relationships. To reach our greatest potential we must grow, both toward the light that unites us, and toward the mystery that keeps us unique.

by Ember, Llewellyn Worldwide