Himalayan Crystal Salt

For years, now, we’ve heard people talking about the dangers of salt. We’ve learned how it can lead to or aggravate many poor health conditions. Some say that we need to eliminate salt from our diet. It’s true, and there’s more to the story.

Common Table Salt is the Culprit People Say It Is

First, every living animal needs salt to survive. The proper salt can provide beneficial nutrients and minerals. It can help regulate our pH levels and can guard against dehydration in some instances. I know, you’ve never heard that about salt. And with good reason-it’s not true of common salt.

Common salt is a heavily processed substance that is used in industrial applications all over the world. Only 3% of the common salt produced is meant for human consumption. Common table salt lays a heavy burden on your body with the toxins it presents. Any benefit that salt had was bleached and chemically stripped from it leaving the common table salt that we most often use today.

Better Salt for Your Body

Beneficial, good salt is not processed, but naturally collected from deposits in the earth. The best salt is Himalayan Crystal Salt and it’s the purest salt in the world, hand-collected from salt deposits that have been in the earth for more than 200 million years. This salt is nutritious throughout its substance. So if you chip off the top or dig deep to collect it, the compliment of nutrients is the same in each piece. What this means is that you can use large chunks or tiny, table-salt sized granules and still receive the full benefit.

Himalayan Crystal Salt has in it the same 84 minerals that can be found in sea water. It’s the same 84 minerals that are found in the water of our bodies. Even though our body water is very similar to sea water, sea salt is not the best thing for us either. Sea salt has a similar disadvantage to common table salt. Although it’s not as toxic as common table salt, because it’s processed, some of its nutritive value is depleted. There’s really nothing as healthful as Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt

Internally and externally, there is no better salt than pure Himalayan Crystal Salt. And, as a food additive, you can feel safe in knowing that you’re not flavoring your dishes with toxins. You can drink sole daily, to encourage good health for your whole body. Himalayan crystal salt can do some powerful things including:

Replenish electrolytes, the body’s power source
Heartbeat regulation
Soothe aching, sore muscles
Skin revitalization
Guard against dehydration

Because Himalayan Crystal Salt is the embodiment of living energy, you can mix it with purified water, to release that power. One of the great ways to release the benefits of this living energy is to prepare sole.

To drink daily, add 1 teaspoon of 26% sole solution to a glass of purified water. Mixing sole with purified water to get a 1% sole solution, you can use it for the following:

Gargle during throat or sinus infections
Rinse your eyes
Clean wounds
Flush sinuses

Source: GlobalHealingCenter.com