Praying With Power

I give this book: 5 STARS

by Jose Luiz Stevens

Explore the many facets of praying, techniques, positions, and more.

From the book …

Good Positions for Praying:
– Shamans in the ancient Toltec tradition stood facing the sun with legs apart and knees bent; the back, shoulders, and head arched far back; face straight up toward the sky; and the arms outstretched to either side, palms facing up.

– Followers of the Japanese Zen Buddhist faith sit on the floor in the lotus or half-lotus position (legs folded underneath the body) with the right hand resting in the left palm, thumbs touching.

– Try lying on your back outdoors facing the sky with your back to the earth. Imagine your body is a seed in your abdomen, then free your mind and let it soar upwards. Pray with an open heart.