Believing Is Everything

by Dr. Eric Amidi

BELIEVING is the most IMPORTANT FACTOR, that’s why in my ebook and my upcoming more detailed AUDIO SERIES I emphasize so much on BELIEVING in your HIGHER SELF…


There’s a very SUBTLE POINT that is never explained in most books and articles I see about the Law of Attraction and Manifestations…

They never tell what kind of BELIEF will manifest your desires

You see, there are two kinds of Believing:

1) Conscious Believing

2) Subconscious Believing

Conscious Belief comes from the conscious mind, the logical mind…Which is the same as the Middle Self (checkout my TRINITY SYSTEM)

These are the things you believe in with reasoning, like 2+2=4

This kind of belief does not manifest anything, yes, NADA!


That’s where logic has no say, and FEELING has everything to say!

That’s the realm that MIRACLES happen and logical minds are left in AWE or denial and disbelief…


Dr. Eric Amidi
Believe And Manifest

Shape Your Reality

A Real Miracle Story

What does BUTTERFLY symbolize to you? Change? TRANSFORMATION?
From a larva to a creature that has gorgeous wings..

Few weeks ago, I had a dream of a beautiful butterfly. For next two weeks, I saw butterflies everywhere. Paintings of them, books about them, pictures of them on the net, on people’s shirts,….

Do you want to know how you can create SYNCHRONOCITIES like that?

As a Quantum Physicist, I assure you this… REALITY IS NOT SOLID!
You can change it; YOU CAN SHAPE THE REALITY…
Miracle Workers, Shamans, Kahunas and highly successful people know that…

But, what you can’t find out there, is an explanation as to HOW

Here’s a REAL story documented in 1952 British Medical Journal…

In 1951, a 16-year old boy was referred to Dr Albert Mason for treatment.
The boy’s body was covered with dry, thick, black scaly skin, with oozing bloody serum.
Considering the diseases as warts, Dr. Mason decided to use hypnosis to treat the boy.

Dr. Mason hypnotized the boy in front of other doctors in a hospital in East Grinstead in Sussex, the thick black skin started falling off within 5 days and after 10 days he had normal skin!

BUT that’s NOT the most AMAZING thing…

The most amazing thing is that after talking to the referring doctor, Dr. Mason found out that he had made a medical ERROR!!!

The boy did not have warts! He was suffering from a lethal genetic disease called “Congenital Icthyosis”.
The boy was born with this INCURABLE disease.

To the astonishment of the medical community Dr. Mason (and the boy) had cured a genetic disease with the POWER OF MIND…

Would Dr. Mason be able to cure this lethal genetic disease if he didn’t think it was warts and curable?!

What power was triggered that made this MIRACLE possible?

Is it possible that we trap ourselves into solid realities, with our thoughts?

Is there a way to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, in ways you never thought possible?

Your friend,
Dr. E

For more on how you can use your POWER TO SHAPE THE REALITY, visit Dr. E Amidi’s website Believe & Manifest: The Secret Behind The Secret