A World Of Balance

It is absolutely incredible the things we see in the world when we give ourselves a moment and take in the beauty the world emits, in every way.

As I look out my window I can clearly see that the time of rebirth has arrived, in the Northern Hemisphere that is. We are getting ready for Spring and the land is already showing its change, the transformation has begun. The Sun Light is getting brighter each day and the rays are feeling warmer; the naked trees are slowly decorated by very light green dots as the new leaves begin to peek through their pods; even the melody that travels within the wind has changed. Spring is near and yellow and white butterflies flutter their wings above the Dandelions that stand tall reaching up to the Sun and clusters of tiny flowers of every color dress up the green field.

Nature is such an artist, and Mother Earth a work of art in action and constant motion, keeping the balance of the pendulum of Life.

While life is being reborn up North, in the Southern Hemisphere, sitting beneath the Equator, we prepare for the maturity of the land, the time of death, of reaching the limit and passing over to the new cycle, the ascension, the exhale.
The time of Autumn is a colorful transformation of reds and yellows bursting out of the surface of the land. The dry leaves gather to provide a playground for the wild animals to play in. If we observe the creatures of Nature, and the critters, we’ll notice that, besides playing, they too do their part in getting ready for this change of weather. Usually in pairs, the animals begin storing goods in their homes to have enough supplies during the winter. As the cold arrives with the blues and greys of the Winter season, so does the quiet time of reflection, purification, and connection to the heart.


Celebrate the Equinox, gather with friends and loved ones, cook, eat, dance, drum, laugh .. and don’t forget to give Thanks!

Ostara is a pagan celebration of the Vernal Equinox.

Mabon is a pagan celebration of the Autumn Equinox.