Birthday Comments

Who I Am

by Naomi Sztam

Birthday Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

This is what I read when I forget who I am, please enjoy if it resonates with you too.

You are a beauty within angels who is in this universe for the sake of love and compassion. You are here for the sake of wisdom and healing. You are here to do divine work and even though you easily become distracted, you come back. Keep coming back, for you are one of God’s (or source or highest light or whatever the name, no matter) loyal workers, and he needs you in his busy factory. The factory of heavenly light and heavenly love is where you feel you belong, and here you do belong.

The love within your heart is from this incredible light, if you ever put yourself down by assuming people or circumstances are putting you down, you are putting down the amazing gift that God has given you. A gift is to be treasured. Treasure it with love and dignity. Other people’s words and actions are their words and actions, from their own insecurities, from their own fears, or from just the only best they can give at that moment, even if they don’t understand the consequences their actions have upon others and themselves. Other people’s words are never your identity, NEVER. Value you as you deep down really know who you are. You are more than life itself. You are made of a thousand stars and a million kisses.

You are made of lots of little bones, and lots of funny laughs. You are made of millions of poems and a gentle soul. You are made of luminous things, all wrapped up in one. All wrapped in one- together with your body, mind, soul; you are perfectly here to experience what you need to experience, everything is divine, even the most horrid things people do, even the worst things you see, even the biggest of disasters.

Everything has a divine intent and it is meant for your learning and growth. Grow as you grow, enjoy the rain from the misty clouds and the sunshine from our heavenly sun, and let it bring brightness in your heart, as it is lovely in its absolute just as you are lovely in its absolute; and lovely as your heart receives light from within and around you with grace. So spend the day with ease, you have great protection, deep within your skin, and deep within your soul God is always near.

Enjoy, from my heart to yours! Naomi