Into The Month Of Alder

As a creature of Mother Earth I am aware of and understand the deep connection between the Earth and I. It is an absolute joyride to work with the tools Nature shares with us, co-creating the life of abundance we want to live. When there is knowledge, or the openness for it, there is abundance; and knowledge is EVERYWHERE in Nature. Observe the land and the space around you, if you dont see anything or nothing strikes you then observe more carefully, because most likely you are still being distracted by the veil of reality.

As geomancer I can hear the voices of the ground, of the earth. I can hear the words whistling in the wind and the whispering trees, I can hear Mother Nature’s voice singing her melody, her tunes as she creates our landscape. I can feel her excitement as she makes beauty, just for us, to nurture us, to educate us, to remind us things are way more than our eyes can see!
With much Joy I send you divine hugs in the Greatest Degree of Love

Your friend,

Rev Adriana Z Hari Gobind Kaur

Thursday, March 18, 2010 Celtic Tree Month of Alder begins

The alder tree corresponds to the Ogham letter fearn (fair-n) and whispers to us of our inner teacher of oracle and supports the bridge to our subconscious. Used to make shields and associated with the Celtic hero and oracle Bran the Blessed, the alder tree can provide shelter from emotional influences, allowing you to see clearly things that you may have overlooked. You may ask the alder tree for inner spiritual guidance to a question.
Fill a glass with water and before you go to sleep, holding the glass of water before you, ask yourself the question. Keep a pen and paper handy to record your dream – when you awake, the answer to your question should be revealed. With your finger, trace the alder/fearn symbol over the glass, and drink the water after you hold it high. Repeat the following three times:

Alder tree, guide of might,
Grant me intuition on this night.
Blessed Bran, alders trees kin,
Show to me the sage within.

-by Mickie Mueller