Affirmations for Daily Living

– I am at peace with the Universe.
– I love and accept myself.
– I am unique and loving, loved and free.
– I am safe and always feel protected.
– I acknowledge all of my feelings because I am in touch with my feelings.
– I am surrounded by loving, caring people in my life.
– I am loving and accepting of others and this creates lasting friendships for me.
– I trust my inner being to lead me in the right path.
– I do all I can every day to make a loving environment for all those around me, including myself.
– My inner vision is always clear and focused.
– I am at peace in the midst of chaos and madness, no person, place or thing has the power to upset me.

Affirmations for Health

– I have the power to control my health.
– I am in control of my health and wellness.
– I have abundaant energy, vitality and well-being.
– I am healthy in all aspects of my being.
– I do not fear being unhealthy because I know that I control my own body.
– I am always able to maintain my ideal weight.
– I am filled with energy to do all the daily activities in my life.
– My mind is at peace.
– I love and care for my body and it cares for me.

Affirmations for Abundance

– I am a success in all that I do.
– Everything I touch returns riches to me.
– I am always productive.
– My work is always recognized positively.
– I respect my abilities and always work to my full potential.
– I am constantly adding to my income.
– I always spend money wisely.
– I always have enough money for all that I need.
– I am rewarded for all the work I do.

Affirmations for Peace & Harmony

– I am peace with myself.
– I am always in harmony with the Universe.
– I am filled with the Love of the Universal Divine Truth.
– I am at peace with all those around me.
– I have provided a harmonious place for myself and those I love.
– The more honest I am with those around me, the more love is returned to me.
– I express anger in appropriate ways to that peace and harmony are balanced at all times.
– I am one with the inner child in me.

Affirmations for Spirituality

– I am free to be myself.
– I am a forgiving and loving person.
– I am responsible for my own Spiritual Growth.
– I have given myself permission to be at one with the Universe.
– My strength comes from my practice of forgiveness.
– I am worthy of love.
– The more I love, the more love is returned to me.
– Love is eternal and ever-lasting.
– I nurture my inner child, love her/him, and have allowed her/him to heal.
– I am responsible for my life and always maintain the power I need to be positive and have joy.

Affirmations for Guidance

– The presence of God within is my constant companion that guides me in making right choices.
– With God as my guide, I move closer each day to perfect fulfillment.
– As I turn within to listen to the counsel of God, I receive divine wisdom and direction.
– With a heart open to God, I am inspired to right action and I am directed to my good.
– The light of God makes my way clear as it fills my mind with wisdom, inspiration, and understanding.