Solar Eclipse Brings Excitement and Change

Only four days into the New Year, and the Universe is already gearing up for action to give your world a boost of excitement and change! Within a period of four hours, on January 4th, you’ll feel the effects of both the partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

This particular eclipse, occurring in Capricorn, will pair a powerful New Moon with the intensity of the Sun to present you with a focused message: Allow your heart and mind to become one. The Universe wants you to perfect one particular area of your life so you can take a giant leap toward more fully developing both who you are as a person and who you could become.

The one thing this Solar Eclipse will not allow you to do is stand still. You can either dive into these energies and initiate some sort of major life change yourself, or you can sit back and wait for some life-altering event to occur in the weeks to come. If you opt for the latter, you won’t have control over the events, and they will likely be much more challenging and stressful, whereas opting for the former might just be a lot of fun!

The areas of your life that this eclipse will impact most will vary depending on your Sun Sign:

Aries: You should push harder at work and focus on your greatest ambitions.

Taurus: Try to pick some aspect of your life and set your sights higher than you ever dreamed.

Cancer: You’ll want to make new arrangements in close relationships and you’ll need to work on adjusting to meet those.

Gemini: Immerse yourself in confidential and financial agreements.

Leo: Look into matters involving work or health, or both if you’re feeling really ambitious.

Virgo: You’ll just want love and fun right now.

Libra: Try to focus on home and family matters.

Scorpio: You must manage your daily schedule more efficiently.

Sagittarius: You’ll want to try to get a firmer grip on your personal finances.

Capricorn: The Solar Eclipse is in your sign and you’ll find you’re at a significant turning point in your journey. You’ll need to reflect carefully on your choices to determine what comes next.

Aquarius: You’ll just need to take time out for more inner reflection.

Pisces: This is a time for you to make new friends and sort out longer-term plans.

Many recent transits have required a lot of work on your part, but they’re about to be offset by the joint action of Jupiter and Uranus. After jaunting along together since May, these two planets will soon part ways, but not before bestowing one final gift – the gift of good times, adventure and lucky breaks. The best part of it all is that whatever happens will come as a complete surprise, so you won’t have to do anything to make it happen.

The Solar Eclipse will affect everyone differently, and its influence will last for many months. You may have an idea of which aspect of your life is best suited for an upgrade, but to really appreciate how you can make this eclipse work specifically for you, it will help to know what the Universe has planned for your year.

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