Peace within, Peace without

There is no standardized means to find our peace, but it is available to each and every one of us as life itself. No guaranteed methods can be given and we all must find what works for us. There is excellent help available, but it must be artfully applied and understood as our own. We can all find the ways to experience life that feel right for us. For many the traditional ways are no longer an option. Some of us have gone beyond the explanations that traditions offer and see through the limitations of religious assumptions that were developed in primitive times. Sentiment for past cultures seems to diminish the potency of the present. Many of us are more interested in the mystery of our own place. We are happy to experience the wonder of our own nature rather than explore the mythical ideas of culture. The idea that truth is to be attained inherently implies that truth is not our present and precious condition. Yet we have inherited these cultural belief systems and we are doubtful of the validity of our choice. Is it all right to be completely finished with religious proposals? “Maybe there is something wrong with me that I am not into this religious business?” some ask, and perhaps never resolve the question. Much of what religion has to offer is not relevant to us. To reject some aspects seems to imply that we reject the lot, and we are left with uncertainty and unanswered questions. But many have been thrown off the merry-go-round of endless persuasions. The questions have fallen out of us. We are left with no questions at all, and the sheer intelligence of life in our living systems is pouring through us. We enjoy every kind of activity that is natural to our own life and choices, including yoga. Information of all kinds is available at our fingertips. Music, dance and art meet us at every level as our own. And the works of the greatest, past and present, are available to us. We are linked to our own wonder. Paradoxically, some of us have chosen to enjoy the gifts of past cultures left to us by extraordinary people. However, we are free to take or leave them without being caught up by their limiting assumption that truth needs to be found. Most of all, in the wonder of relatedness to each other we find our peace, as Nature does her powerful work.

If yoga is our means, we can negotiate our peace with its tools…..

Excerpt from Yoga of Heart – chapter: YOGIS ARE NOT BUILT ON ASSEMBLY LINES

“We come to yoga for many reasons – to retain our health, to regain our health, to enjoy our health, to experience the peace of intimate relation with our own breath through asanas that we have discovered are best suited to the body and mind we share with all creation.”

Mark Whitwell

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