) MoonFaire (

At the Coral Castle in Homestead,Fl.
December 16th and 17th Sat.10am-8pm Sun.10am-6pm

Come join the community while you take a stroll in a Magickal Village of metaphysical vendors and experience the balance of energies in this powerfull place through drum and dance.

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This event provides a place for our Earth-loving magickal community in south Florida ( Witches, Wicca, Druid, New Agers, Shamans, etc.) to come together in one large event. Hopefully it can reach folks from other parts of the state and beyond as well. Even though this event is geared towards magickally inclined people everyone is welcomed, from all walks of life, race, creed, religion, etc.

You are asked to be in your best behavior and be open and respect other peoples view. No proslytizing allowed in the event.

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Elemental Drum Circle – The Main Event

The epicenter of this Moonfaire will be the Elemental drum circle which will be running all day. The circle will be placed around a beautifull young tree to remind us of Mother Earths fertility and to signify a beginning as well as hope for the future.

Paper, markers and ribbons will be provided for everyone, as they come in, to write down something they would like to work on, be it a request for healing, abundance, peace on earth or any other possitive thought that comes to mind.
All requests will be, gently, tied onto the tree.

The crowd will dictate what takes place within this circle. There will be no officiator orchestrating it because everyone will have a different opinion on how it should be done and some people don’t like to be told what to do. So we will let spirit guide us. We ask that when you feel like it go ahead and drum whatever beat comes to mind and heart and all of the drumbeats combined will synchronize and resonate with the energies of the castle. Anybody that wishes to dance, walk, jump, stomp, etc., is encouraged to do so within the circle.

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Lotus Dance Studio

The Lotus Dancers will be sharing their powerfull tribal style of bellydancing with us within our elemental drumcircle as the “official” beginning of this drumcircle event. This performance is scheduled for 1 pm. on both days.

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This event will also feature some of the best metaphysical product vendors, artisans, card readers, Psychics, healers and hollistic therapists in Florida which will be arranged in a village type setting with the drum circle in the middle.
Please be advised that not all vendors have the ability to take credit cards on site so bring cash if you are planning to purchase any spiritual tools or get a reading or treatment.

The Coral Castle will charge an entrance fee of $9.75 for adults seniors $6.75 Kids 7-12 $5.00 under 6 free. Also if you would like to come back for the next day you enter free if you bring a paying friend.

Visit The Witch’s Garden website for more information about the event, directions, etc.

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