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New Moon in Cancer, Sunday, July 11, 2010 3:40 pm

**Solar Eclipse 3:33 pm

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Full Moon in Aquarius, Sunday, July 25, 2010 9:37 pm
Blessing Moon

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In Cherokee tradition, July is the Ripe Corn Moon. First sweet corn and then dent corn ripen for harvest. As a staple food and sacred material, corn attracts much attention throughout its life cycle. to the Chotcaw, this is the Crane Moon, recognizing these large water birds. The Dakota Sioux call this the Moon of the Middle Summer. Indeed, for much of America, so it is: the three hottest months are June, July, and August.
July brings a swell of new foods; corn and tomatoes are ripening, along with many vine fruits such as squash and cucumbers. Visit your local farmers’ market to enjoy fresh seasonal produce. Watch birds and other animals raising their young. But be careful. While the Sun passed its peak at the solstice, the heat is still increasing. respect the Sun’s power, avoid direct midday sunlight and excess exposure.
Rituals in July may celebrate staple crops such as corn or supporting crops such as squash – whatever ripens in your area at this time. Rituals to honor the Sun, light, heat, fire, and so forth are also appropriate. Magically, tap into the rich power of the Sun to fuel spells for success and prosperity. -by Elizabeth Barrette

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Full Moon Musings
By Kathy V. Crabbe

This month’s Full Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, a fixed air sign.
Moon in Aquarius calls us to the circle, away from private concerns and intimacy reminding us of the sacredness of collaboration. We become deeply aware that what affects one, affects us all. It’s time to tend the web of community, to network, review our philosophy and find a way to walk our talk.

More Aquarian Tidbits

Aquarius – Water bearer
Time of Year – Winter, Imbolc
Quality – Fixed
Element – Air
Ruler – Uranus
Anatomy – Bloodstream, circulation, shins, ankles
Natural sign of – 11th house
Opposite sign – Leo
Color – Electric blue, turquoise, silver
Gemstone – Obsidian, opal, sapphire
Tarot card – The star
Goddesses – Feng P’O P’O, Freya, Ix Chel, Nut, Tien-Mu

More about the Moon Phases

The Full Moon invites us to peer deeply into our emotional, intuitive selves as we direct our attention to manifesting the hopes, wishes and dreams that were seeded at the New Moon.

The Moon changes signs approximately every 2 ½ days, going through all twelve signs of the Zodiac every 29 ½ days. The sign that the Moon is in reflects qualities of your inner self and being-ness.

Each month there is at least one Full Moon that will rise at sunset and set at sunrise and is visible all night long from moonrise to moonset. Astrologically speaking this means that the Sun and the Moon are in opposition (opposite each other in the sky and in opposite signs of the zodiac.)

Learning to work in concert with the phases of the Moon is an excellent way to add structure to your life because you are not only connecting with Mother Nature through the Moon’s reflection of the Sun and the Earth, but with human nature and especially with feminine nature.

Aquarian Full Moon Musings

In honour of this month’s Full Moon in Aquarius I am going to guide you through an intuitive, healing, creative exploration into body, mind and soul so that together, we can shift, transform and heal each other and the planet during this time of great change and awakening.

Aquarian energy can be felt by tuning into the energy of the Full Moon that is passing through the astrological sign of Aquarius from July 25 – July 28, 2010.

Independence, detachment, contrariness, outsider perspectives, artistic ability, humane and altruistic behaviour are all key Aquarian concepts that describe energy accessible to all of us right now.

One of my favorite ways to tap into these lunar energies is by attuning to gemstones and crystals, such as the Aquarian ruled gemstone, Sapphire. I begin by holding a small Sapphire in my left hand as I place it on my third eye along with a little help from a double terminated, Isis Lithium Quartz Crystal that I place at my feet while meditating. If you don’t have access to these stones you can work with their images instead.

Visit Susun Weed’s site for the Sapphire Meditation …and enjoy!

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