Mars into Sagittarius

Speak Your Mind — Get Heard!

On October 27-28, Mars the planet of action and passion moves into fiery Sagittarius for a sojourn until December 7, 2010.

The Fire energy holds no grudges — it speaks its mind and moves on!

Suddenly, all bets are off and what had been kept firmly under wraps, stored away in private places and hidden by Mars in Scorpio will come flashing out in the open. Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, has a wonderful directness and enthusiasm about it. It is ever the sunny optimist. It encourages, it motivates, and it boosts our morale. It is also known for speaking its mind and is possibly the most honest sign of the zodiac. Discretion and tact are not Sagittarian virtues!

Action-oriented Mars gets a tremendous boost with all this inspirational energy and turns into a crusading fireball. Be prepared for things to get noisy over the coming weeks as strong opinions get voiced and heated discussions take place. However, there will be no lingering bad feelings or bitterness left, regardless of how strong the storm blows. The Fire energy holds no grudges — it speaks its mind and moves on!

The time is right to inject more adventure into your life, double up on your sports and exercise regimes. This is the time to start thinking of the coming holidays and decide how to best spend your money — wisely. This is also the time to start dreaming and planning for your next escape and getaway!

But, most importantly — this is the time to speak your mind and be truthful!

Mars in Sagittarius will give you the courage to get your ideas and comments aired to a wider audience than usual. This is not the time to whisper your plans, dreams and ideas hesitantly in a loved one’s ears — this is the time to get out your megaphone and shout it from the rooftops! At least, you will be assured that you will get heard where it matters most. The forces of the cosmos are with you!

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