Magic Words That Make You Rich

The Power of Magical Words: September 2006
by Sheila Edwards

Do you want to attract excellence, success, happiness, and love
to your life?
If you do, then take a moment to enjoy this new FREE lesson!

A major factor in creating a life you love has to do with the way you speak about your life.

Speak and Attract Life’s Riches

What you say creates what you believe, and what you believe impacts how you behave, the choices you make and the way your life will be.
Learn how to create the life you want by focusing on what you say and how you say it!

Follow these easy steps to change your vibration with words:

– Notice what you say on a daily basis that is causing your life to be more of a struggle.

– Do you refer to situations and experiences as hard, tiring, frustrating, annoying, etc?

Some popular phrases are:

“It is so hard.”
“I am so tired of that happening.”
“I am so frustrated.”
“That is so annoying.”
“This is so unfair.”

STOP using your most popular and favored words and phrases
that are limiting you.

As you put that language in to your daily reality, guess what? You just keep getting more of what you DON’T WANT!
These words and phrases create barricades you impose on your life by the way you talk about things.
Focus on replacing negative limiting words and phrases with affirmative words and phrases, to help switch the flow of your life.

Write statements like the following on your bathroom mirror to get you going for the day:

“It is coming to me easily.”

“I am so excited for all the good that flows my way.”

“That is great.”

“I guess they are doing the best they know how.”

“I accept my life for what it is and am committed to putting forth the effort to change it.”

“I am believing that the best is possible.”

“I am seeing the good in all things.”

“I am seeing more of the good in myself.”

The power of intentional language can change your life, so use it! You will be grateful!
It’s simple, just give it a try!

September Magical Words

Don’t be carried by the wave, repeat to yourself as often as you can: “I have to come back to earth”

Grab the bull by the horns, you will have a lot to do in September; say to yourself: “I can handle this, I always have a solution”

Gemini must detach a little. Repeat: “I will relax and I won’t get too involved”

If you are a Cancer, in September you will know how to dominate your emotions: “I will not let sensibility decide instead of ration.”

Leave you guard down, dear Leos; the magical words for you this month are: “I will be more open minded for those who need me”

Virgos must settle with an idea they may not like: “I might spend more than I can afford”

Libras, you can’t live in peace because of a threat; say: “I live here and now, the past is left behind”

If you are a Scorpio, this moth the following phrase suits you: “I’m paying attention and I will take advantage of any chance that may come up”

Sagittarius, don’t let the situation get out of control: “I have to take care who I’m talking to and what I’m saying”

For the Capricorn there’s nothing better than: “I will do my best to be impartial if there are problems at work”

Aquarius, don’t hurry: “I won’t let my thoughts be messed up by eagerness”

Pisces, these are the key words for you: “I’m ready for a restless social life and for the changes that are taking place”

You are powerful, believe it!

To your success,
Sheila Edwards

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