Human Rewiring

Greetings from Home
Dear ones, you are here on a very magical planet. You are here at a special time and you stood in line to be here at exactly this moment in order to make a difference. You asked to be put in some very difficult situations so that you could go through the processes you needed to gather the information and gain your credentials as a healer or a teacher or whatever role you were planning to play. Now those sacred contracts are being enacted. Some have begun and some are yet to unfold, but you are on the path.

Ages: Cycles of Mankind

We tell you there are many times throughout human history where you have gone through evolutionary periods…cycles, if you will. These cycles started in the very early times. They go far beyond the history that you know, for much of your history you believe goes back about 2 million years and we tell you that as souls on this planet, you go back much farther than that.

In the very beginning when the planet was hot and gaseous and did not have the physical form that it now has, you inhabited the planet then as spiritual beings, as ethereal beings without bodies. It wasn’t until billions of years later that you took physical form and began your journey on this planet in a physical bubble of biology. That evolution from ethereal beings to physical bodies was a huge shift. Your own history books will tell you about many of the other cycles, the smaller cycles from the apes into Homo erectus, Homo sapiens and Cro-Magnon man, but it is so much more than that. So what happened at the end of those age cycles? That is the biggest question. What took place? You are about to find out, for you are at the end of one of those age cycles now.

The Rewire – 12 Strands of DNA

As such, there is something happening on this planet to each and every one of you that you will understand in a very short time. Humans are being rewired. You are doing it yourself. It is a part of your natural, evolutionary process. No, it is not anything to be feared. It does not mean that spaceships are coming down and planting implants in you. What is happening is that you are evolving to a point where you can begin reconnecting all 12 strands of DNA. It is to a point where you can start activating some of the other chakras that you do not even know are there. Your energetic structure is about to change. So is your planet.

If you look at the planet, you will see that it is heating up. You call it global warming, but it is so much more than that. Please understand that although the release of greenhouse gasses has sped up the process dramatically, this is a natural, evolutionary cycle. In the beginning it was very hot and gaseous and vibrating at a very high rate. As it cooled, it gained density and you had to take denser form as well in human, physical bodies. You have been at this part for a long time and now it is starting to turn the corner again. It is starting to heat up. Oh, yes. We can tell you all the fun things. We can give you information that you can go into fear about if you so choose, but please understand that fear is not needed in this situation. We can tell you that you are about to enter a new ice age on Planet Earth and we have said that before and that is absolutely true and yet you, as souls, will move through it beautifully. It does not mean that all life will be leaving this planet. It means that you will be evolving. Your thoughts of an ice age are far from the events ahead. All it really is, is a cooling of the planet. It is a natural evolutionary cycle where the energy will be redistributed. It is almost like saying the Earth, Herself, is being rewired. In that same way, so are you.

Both Sides of the Brain will be Rewired as One

There is the rewiring of mankind which is beginning today. The two halves of the brain that had to be separate to give you the illusion of the field of duality are starting to join together. Instead of having small, synaptic pathways that move back and forth between the halves, as you evolve as humans, the two halves will become one. The illusion and the veil actually exist between the two halves of your brain, for the left side is the marker of time. It gives you the illusion of living in a field of duality and gives you the illusion of linear time, which gives you a path to follow. It gives a spirit a game to play as a human. Your right brain is the all-creative brain but does not have any concept of time. It has no concept of boxes that things fit into. That is the other side of the brain. Those two are beginning to grow stronger with this rewiring. It is not simply a case of new or improved synaptic pathways between the two; it will be a blending of the two as the human animal evolves to contain a higher vibration of spirit…for it is not the human that is evolving. It is the spirit that is evolving, causing the human shell, the bubble of biology, to change to accommodate it. That is happening now, with great anticipation from our side of the veil.

To Keep Balance – Give Balance

You will see things that are a direct result of this. One is that there will be more premature children brought to this Earth in the next 5 years than ever before because there is a rush to get in here to experience this exact process. Watch for it. We also tell you that there are many things that are going to happen as your global changes take place, and yet all of it is changeable by you. You may make this an easy transition or you may make this a difficult transition. The interesting part is that it is not how you go through it; it is how you help other people go through it that is going to hold the answer to your place and your sacred contract. You are not the only one going through it. The blending of the two sides of the brain, the rewiring process itself will help you become aware that you are a part of each and every one on this planet and that no one is ever alone. Yet, in order to get there, you must go through the polarity. You must stretch it. We tell you that if you look around you, you may actually say there is more depression on Planet Earth than ever before. It is because of the stress of this rewiring process, so help each other with it. Help each other to be there at the right time, for the greatest thing that someone can do to take themselves out of worrying about themselves…is to be of use.

There was a great wizard of money and monetary systems on your planet who once said, “If you want to make money, the easiest way to do it is to help other people make money.” We tell you the same thing. If you wish to have a beautiful experience on this planet, figure out a way to help other people have a beautiful experience on this planet, for that honors the connection between all. That honors the rewiring process that is not only happening with you, but is happening with Planet Earth Herself.

Rush to Be the First

Yes, there will be turmoil. There is always turmoil when humans are confronted with change. That is why you are here. You can be called into action with the knowledge that can bring calm to a changing planet. We also wish to mention that we are speaking as if today is a line in the sand. There are many of you who have been going through this rewiring process for years, especially those of you who call yourselves Lightworkers. Some of you pride yourself on being ahead of the game. There is almost a fear of spiritual competition with some of you because you want to be there so early. It is very frustrating for you to be there and not have anyone around you who understands you. We tell you, many of you have been going through this over the last 5 years. What is going to happen when you get to the other side? That is what you want to know: what does the destination look like, especially since the picture we are painting of the journey is not always so pretty? We tell you that everything is the journey. There is no destination.

The Twelve Yous

We have been preparing you for one of the changes you are about to experience. Multidimensionality is one interesting piece that you will begin using in your daily lives as part of your practical magic. We tell you that there is much magic here. If you understand that you are on this planet as an individual, you believe that is all you are, but in fact, science tells you that you will exist in 11 other dimensions of time and space. We tell you 12 because there is actually a point of perception which we count as one dimension. So there are 12 different yous on this planet having slightly different experiences as one soul. If you take this row of chairs, and say, “That is one of you,” and you take this row of chairs here and that is another one, you have a different expression of the same soul on this planet in these different timelines. They are all taking place simultaneously, because linear time is an illusion; it is a product of the left brain and it gives you the Gameboard on which to play. What would it be like for a soul that is living in this dimension to jump over here and grab a viewpoint, an idea, the solution to a problem and bring it to here? That is multidimensionality, and you are about to experience more of that than ever before. Would it not be wonderful for you to find a very difficult point in your life where you did not have any answers and excuse yourself from that entire life and get a different viewpoint of your own soul and come back into it with a renewed, refreshed, vigor, and a viewpoint of multidimensionality? That is about to happen to humans. The interesting part is that much that you perceive as human difficulties are not difficulties. They are a path that you have laid out for yourself. They are processes where you have pushed yourself through side doors. Much of it is an adjustment of your thought patterns.

Indigos and Crystals

We tell you, this is about to become much easier than ever before. The Crystal Children are being born on this planet, for you are evolving very rapidly in your vibration. But the children coming in are being born at a higher vibrational rate, and Indigos and Crystal Children will co-exist on this planet for a very long time and help to adapt a higher vibration. They will teach you how to use multidimensionality. There are so many things that you can see. What is your reality anyway? It is nothing more than a perception. If you have a camera in this brain of yours and this camera is pointed over here, then that is your reality. If you wish to change your reality, the easiest way is to change your point of perception. Simply look at it from a different angle. That is much easier to do when you are in a state of multidimensionality. You are about to see this as a reality. Your belief systems constantly keep you from using many of these tools on yourself, so use them on other people. Help other people who get into these difficulties. Help them see themselves from a different perspective. That is what will hold the key to opening all humanity to the rewiring process.

Rewiring Interruptus

Let us explain this as well. There are times when the physical body needs grounding. It needs constant refreshing of physical attributes for the body only exists in the physical world. It needs water. It needs food. It needs sunlight. It needs hugs. It needs intimacy, sex, nurturing and the touch of others. It needs grounding to keep you in the physical confines of Earth. Sometimes if a soul is not properly grounded or not grounded enough to go through the rewiring process, the process can overload the body and can be interrupted. The interruption of this process at critical stages can cause a cycle to begin where the hypothalamus gland begins to overproduce. The ungrounded physical body is then set into a cycle that causes energy illnesses such as the ones that you have labeled Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and other similar energy disorders. This has been more common among people who tend to lead the way vibrationally as they often live closer to the edge vibrationally than do most people. Incidences of these energy disorders are likely to increase as time goes forward. Your first experiences with multidimensionality can cause you to lose grounding and get stuck in between energetic dimensions and set these cycles into motion. Many times there is a reason why the higher self chose to take on this condition. In that event one cannot move forward into healing until they have fully received the gift of the illness. Then with proper grounding and energetic techniques you can help people to ground and start the rewiring process again.

Good Grounding

There are grounding techniques that many of you will experience, for it is important to honor the body. If you spend all your thoughts waiting to rid yourself of the body in an ascension process, then it is quite common for the body to energetically check out during a rewire. Do not think that you are going to be growing wings and sprouting into angels right away. The body serves a wonderful purpose and as this rewiring process happens, you are going to see more of the capabilities of what your physical body can do with the spirit. With the spirit at the helm of the physical bubble of biology, it is also somewhat limited by that physical bubble of biology. You have created the veil so thick, you do not even re-member that you are spirits. It is absolutely amazing to us to look at you, bumping into each other. Your greatest desire was to come in here and be confused. You have been very successful, yet we tell you, that is about to change. The entire process is starting to shift for you now as this rewiring begins for all.

Yes, you who are watching, or listening to or reading this, ask, “What is this going to do for me today?” Find your role, dear ones, for many of you have activated a Sacred Contract that you know nothing about. You can feel it pulling but you do not know where it goes. That is normal. That is the normal state of humanity at this point. Very few people know what their Sacred Contract is, but the pull, that little bit of knowing, is all you need at this moment, for it will lead you well if you do not think it to death. Take it out of there and move it into the feeling instead of the thinking. Blend the two together, for you are not going to move completely into the right brain and exist over there. You are going to be blending the two together where you can quantify god. Imagine it this way: god is the infinite and exists in the right part of your brain, for you are god, and the left part of the brain is the part that pretends to be a human, the part that quantifies everything and figures everything out by putting it in neat little boxes to give to your children so they can give it to their children, and so forth. You have done such a good job that you actually believe you are human. That is so funny on our side of the veil. You teach everyone that you are human, when in fact you are spirits playing a game. You have forgotten the veil. That is a testament of your own creative abilities. You have done very well, dear ones.

Define Infinity

Now, the veil is about to thin. We ask you not to stop putting things in boxes, for that is the definition of god. Why are you here? You are here to define god. You are playing this game so that you can see god, because in an infinite state god cannot study himself-herself. There is no definition. There is no beginning or end. By coming into these bubbles of biology, you are actually a definition of god. That is beautiful. The challenge is that you do not trust it. Of course, when we talk to you about being god, the first thing you think about is, “I am god. I can do anything.” Re-member to keep in mind that you are not the only god. There are many of you here on this planet as sparks of god, sparks of the creator who have the ability to carry all the powers of the creator within that little spark. You have taken a finite form, so that spark, much like a spark on a grinding wheel, is only lit for a little while before it falls back into the energy cycle of the whole once again. That is about to change, for the spark is starting to carry more of the energy of who you really are with this rewiring process.

New Modalities

Are there modalities that can teach this? Yes. The good news is that there are new modalities popping up on this planet every day. The bad news is that you have to find out which one works for you. Are there ways that you can help with this rewiring process? The biggest is your intent. The biggest is your step into your Sacred Contract, whatever that is. Wherever your heart leads you, where your passion is allows you to vibrate in a different way and as you vibrate differently, everyone around you starts vibrating at that rate and you raise everything around you to match your vibration. Fear it not. Know that there will be more talk about the rewiring of humanity, but your rewiring has begun and it is happening on a global basis and you will understand more of the process as you start seeing more of your abilities. The two halves are starting to reunite.

We tell you that any time these abilities show up on Planet Earth, there has always been fear. Just embrace it and know that fear is nothing more than a shadow. Is it not interesting that it is only possible to be afraid of the unknown? Once you fill in that vacancy with the information that was missing, you cannot be afraid of it any more. You may not like it, but you cannot be afraid of it any more. Fill in the information. Embrace the fact that humans are evolving. It is an exciting time. This is why you chose to be here right now. We tell you that there are more souls trying to come into Planet Earth than can be accommodated. Many of them stepped aside to let the chosen ones come in, and here you sit. Know that those who stepped aside for you are cheering you on from the other side of the veil.

This rewiring process will activate healers on this planet like never before. It is time and we need you now. Heed the call, dear ones, and step into your Sacred Contracts. You can help each other, for you are the Human Angels. When you come Home, you will finally see yourselves the way we see you. You will understand that even though you spend most your time thinking you are not doing anything and you look in the mirror and you cannot re-member who you are or you think you are alone, you will begin to understand how great you really are. You will begin to see yourself from our perspective. We hope that as you become multidimensional, you take the opportunity to shift yourself into our eyes, for we see the greatest of the great. Only those of the highest vibration were coming into the Earth at this time to make a difference, and here you are. Enjoy the ride, dear ones.

We leave you with three simple reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity, for you are nurturing yourself. Re-member that it is a beautiful game. And play well together.

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