Hello Happy Place

Life brings us to intense places from time to time. Intense in every good sense of the word. Even challenges are great in life, they give us the opportunity to expand and keep the ebb and flow of life from being still.
It was around 1999 and shifts were taking place in every corner of my life. I was experiencing challenges in my life and therefore searching for ways to help myself get through them with ease and grace. I remember I was at the book store in Manhattan and in a self-help book I read “happy place meditation” … I immediately started researching. Back then I didn’t have the easy access to the world wide web so researching was definitely a hands on task. I read the little I could find about it, bits and pieces here and there but nothing that gave me the sense of knowing exactly what to do, how to get started with it…
I went home and sat on the floor next to my dog, my greatest friend. He was looking right at me with such kindness. Spending this great moment with him helped me feel so relaxed. …meanwhile, in the back of my mind all those things I had read earlier were still churning.
I kept saying to myself, I’m going to try meditating to visit this happy place.

I was sound asleep, that night, a night no special from any other, or so I thought. Something made me open my eyes, this strange force, a hungry curiosity drove me to get out of bed, I didn’t know what I was looking for but I knew exactly where to go, what to do. And I knew there was something asking to be discovered. The night was still, the windows were opened and i could hear the sounds of the nature peeking in,, but nothing could distract me from what I was seeking. This force was taking me, moving me, bringing me to my closet. Even though I know what’s behind my closet door I opened the door feeling like I was about to find something unknown. And so it was.
I walk inside the closet and begin to walk thru the hanging clothes, I can hear the hangers’ hooks rubbing against the rod as I move the clothes to get through,, Suddenly I notice the smell has changed …the scent of fresh humid earth was so prominent and when I realize where I am, I find myself walking out of a jungle like place and I’m standing at the edge of a trail. “But this is not just any jungle” I thought to myself.
“Where am i?” I said.
The trees, the plants, the leaves, its all alive!, I noticed. I stand at the edge of this trail that goes I don’t know where, and I take a moment to observe this world, this place my eyes see and cannot believe. The ground looks beautiful, almost golden brown earth, the sky is clear and of a perfect baby blue. The yellow radiant Sun inviting me to enjoy this perfect day in this perfect place.
I take a step forward wondering if I am even allowed to walk thru this very beautiful place, not yet understanding whats happening. A few butterflies flutter by and I can hear them giggle as they play, a million questions invade my mind. So I give myself a moment to look around before I go anywhere . …im not even sure I know how to get back home from here,, but that’s not a concern at the moment.
The weather is perfect. On the other side of the trail there is the most perfect field of green grass I’ve ever seen and here and there its decorated wit beautiful patches of flowers of every color, I can smell their fragrance… I sigh..
I slowly begin to walk down the trail exploring and wanting to catch every detail of this dreamland when I notice up in the distance what looks like a twinkle. A light that sparkles brighter and bigger. I focus my eyes to see better until it becomes clear that something very bright is approaching … it’s a pegasus!! Oh my sweet creator!! Standing in front of me for my eyes to see, a beautiful white horse with lavendar colored hair and the most glorious looking shimmery lavendar wings. “a miracle standing in front of me” I thought. The creature stands firm on the ground, I cant stop staring in awe, its wings, its size; then it looks at me and with a graceful bow says “greetings. I am Wah, we are so pleased you made it” and smiles!!!!! I felt as if I had known this creature all my life. My heart was pounding, I couldn’t wait to get closer, to touch it, to hug it ..i was still expecting to wake up from a very beautiful dream.
We flew across this wonder land soaring through the air, “OhMyGoddess!” I kept thinking “this is a dream come true!”. We stopped somewhere way up at the top of a ledge where the view was breathtaking. Land and water, trees and fields of grass, of flowers, of so much to discover, yet somehow it all seemed so familiar. I’ve dreamed of so many things I see here”, I said to Wah. Then he explained what this place was.” …There is a level of existence, an inter- dimensional realm where bodies of light come together with the purpose of co-creating inJoy with much ease, much more than the physicality of the third dimension and without the density and conditions of the human mid. We are deep in your creative body of consciousness. This place is your favorite world, it is where you come when you seek relaxation and rest from your physical existence. You call it your happy place. You have met many wonderful creatures here and have made many good friends, for eons, this place has been a part of you. We have known each other for many moons and have been through so very many shifts. …….keep calm and breathe dear friend”

I took a breath and opened my eyes. I was home, There was a sweet feeling of fulfillment through out my whole self, and I realized I was smiling

What a great meditation. I am in Gratitude.

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