A Green Life

green leaf
Are you Green yet? Have you changed your ways and adjusted your lifestyle to fit the new “green living” standards? It seems the “green message” is reaching the deep ends of our planet and people are really beginning to pay attention and find it true.
What exactly does it mean to live green? Some opt to a green life because of ethics and beliefs, and because every little bit counts, others just to follow the wave of trend. I think it’s interesting that the whole world knows about living green and each individual, in their own way, explore this transformational journey. But just how did the entire world hear of this? Did it begin in one place and word traveled in full circle around the world or was it simultaneously in more than one place in the world at once? It’s global concsiousness evolution, the One Mind.

Living Green is a wonderful and fun way to co-exist with everything else that does. There are numerous of well-equipped informational groups/companies/websites/etc (Visit ecomarketstore.com) that offer delicious education for the hungry seeker; and then you see how this personal evolution begins to take place on a massive global scale.. must try it! Living green is so easy, it doesn’t mean that you have to become a treehugger, or have to look different, or eat different; but simply just by eliminating the usage of plastic bags in your home you are doing something positive for the world. And obviously what is good for the world is good for each of us! So, as the holiday season is upon us and it’s all about making wishes and setting new year resolutions, why not propose to yourself to start living green. Join a local meetup to learn more. Reduce, reuse, recycle …and obviously, have fun!

In the Greatest Degree of Love,

Rev. Adriana Hari Gobind Kaur

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