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Who are Witches and what are they all about?

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Salutations Blessed Ones!

The process of “growing up” is filled with challenges, and that was always alright with me being the fire sign that I am. I love challenges, and the more that come my way I say: “Yeah! bring’em on!”
The first 7 or 8 years of a person’s life are the clumsy years, when we learn how to move about the planet. We tend to fall down a lot during this time, but somehow we seem to be super-resilient to every slip and fall, and at times it even seems we dont feel a thing!
Then, in my opinion, the ‘teen years are the crazy ones, but most sweetest years because we discover the heart and are not afraid to express it, in any way. I’d say they are the revolutionary years in a person’s life. These years are the “make you or break you” years, and help define the path of one’s role in the earth. Not that it makes things easier –but what is easy anyway? and do we want an easy life? The “teen-age” is the time when we enter life in a faster lane -in the physical realm. We want to put into practice what little we know -or currently remember- thinking we know everything, but deep down inside we’re frighten little souls wanting to fit in and be loved and experience this wild world. It definitely is a tough age since we are no longer children, but not yet full adults. Once we reach adulthood, we have more freedom to “come and go” but somehow have forgotten to have fun, innocent fun. We become decadent beings wanting to overindulge and put our threshold to the test. We gamble with life, and many times in a not very safe way.
Coming up in the world with the awareness of your psychic abilities works in a similar way. Eventhough we all have psychic abilities, many choose not to explore these realms, and this is ok, as along as we walk the path we choose to travel through in this incarnation. But we must remember not to judge others for the path they choose to explore, for judgement brings only distraction. We all have reasons for the way our current life-experience is unfolding.Some call it karma, others destiny.. no matter the word, it’s all about choice. I, for one, choose to explore the spiritual side of my being. I too have my reasons. ^_^
We face all kinds of challenges and we get through them learning and expanding our Light or supressing and forgetting it. I remember the part of my life when I was growing up knowing there was a part of me I hadnt explored, but was there, within me. The inner witch was calling out to me and I didn’t know it. Until I “flowed” with the natural energy of my being and began to seek. A part of me thought we all went through the same thing and it’d be a great quest to share with friends. Then I remember the time of knowing and not being able to explore it openly because of what others would say. Both times were tough, a challenge, but somehow very necessary for the development and mastery of my craft. Deep down inside I knew this, and was ok with it. I’ve never had the problem of fear of what others would think, but didn’t want my family to worry about the judgement of others, so in some way I chose to keep my “special side” to myself.

Why do witches have such bad reputation in today’s world anyway? Well, in today’s world it is because people judge first rather than to do their own research before sharing an opinion without knowing it’s origin, and this way carrying an untrue body of energy around the community until it becomes inprinted in people’s mind. Word of mouth is a very powerful form of communication, because it is free and it moves fast, but it hardly maintains the purity of the message. This is a resaon why we’ve adopted the habit of “recording history”.

So to set the record straight -Witches are not satanists or devil worshippers. In Witchcraft there is no devil. There is Highest Good, and then there is absolute fear, but it is all in the usage of the energy the being chooses to practice. A Witch is a person who practices the Craft of Nature. Witches believe in God, our Supreme Source of Good and Divine Light. We pay respect to the four corners of the Universe, as they bless us with the powers of the elements and the secrets of creation.
Unfortunately, like in every path, there is a dark side and some people choose to take it and mal-practice with the Craft. These people have doomed themselves a not very satisfying karma, as the Wiccan Law declares that if one harms another it will return times three. Wiccan Rede
The word witch comes from the word witchcraft, with the root word wicca, craft of the wise.
Click here for more on the etymology of the word.

History also tells us about how during the end of the Matriarchal times, and the beginning of Christian era (Patriarchal era) the new religious leaders who followed the Catholic/Christian walk new the level of power that existed in Witchcraft, and of course, with power comes control, fear and therefore a “certain type” of respect. These leaders wanted to be the only ones in power, and wanted the people’s respect, but they did not care about how they’d achieve it, and so they implemented fear in the mind’s of the people. This is also when the division of classes became very prominent. The rich were kept rich because the new leaders needed (wanted) their goods, but the poor people of the villages which had limited goods became the “villains” with nothing to offer but crazy theories of magic and witchcraft.
These so called crazy theories are not crazy, but very much true. Magic is real. It is called Metaphysics. What do you think happens at the Vatican? Why do you think there are so many riches in the Vatican? And, how come there are so many Christian families suffering hunger and in poverty? Because these people keep this sacred power secret, which is naturally rightfully ours. God does not teach us to become materially rich in life, God created us rich, not materially, but spiritually, emotionally and mentally and we must learn to co-exist in this physical reality creating what we need, with this power, our power. It is all of ours’.
Explore the information you receive. Go to the root of the words you use in your everyday vocabulary and make sure you are trully saying what you really want to say.
I am a solitary practitioner of Witchcraft, and I flow to vibrate on the Highest frequencies of Divine Love & Light. I wish only Love, Peace and Beauty for the world and every being on it, and will feel the same way till the very last breath in this existence, in this physical body, until I return to continue to Be-in-Love of Divine Light Source, once again.

There are many spiritual paths being walked in today’s world, this is no secret, some of these paths are Lightpaths, and some are not. Research shows a light side and a dark side to every religious practice. Basically, what I am trying to say is that it is essential in one’s growth to discover our very own facts. Holding judgement is not of a Divine nature, and we are Divine Beings!
I know so many practicing witches who are great people, loving, compassionate and kind to the world. Great mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers and friends. Inspiring teachers, and responsible in their role as human beings. They are people who would do anything to help another being find peace and happiness.
So don’t judge a book only by it’s cover, what you find inside could change your life forever!
People are not to be measured by their choice of spiritual walk, there is Divine Light in every being, and the avenue they select is their choice, and not to be judged by any being, for any reason. Give everybody a chance, don’t be the judge of their choices, just be, for you.
Remember that in the end, God is in all and we are in all, and we all are one, and the same.

Merry Meet, Merry Part & Merry Meet Again!

Rev Adriana Zotelo

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