Full Moon Healing

The Full Moon is undoubtedly a time of magic and heightened creative inspiration. All around the world we find traditional rituals, gatherings and celebrations surrounding the lunar energy.

Here’s a simple “exercise” you can do if you are wanting to make some changes in your life, let go of habits or self-sabotaging thoughts that no longer help in your personal growth, etc.

Full Moon Healing Ritual

Some believe that magic done under the powers of the Full Moon is intensified in a huge way, and so one of the many things people do during this time is practice healing.
Healing begins with cleansing. This simple cleansing ritual can be done before any other type of healing session, or just as a purging exercise.
If you find yourself feeling fear and insecurity then this is a good way to start letting go of it and prepare the mind for more positive and fulfilling feelings and thoughts.
When we clear and let go we make room for new and refreshed energy. Scientifically speaking, our blood contains iron, which information can be recorded into. When we focus on clearing out the unhealthy thoughts or feelings, this information is picked up and recorded into the iron in our blood which then goes into our cells and now our entire being is vibrating the instructions of clearing out, letting go and making room for new, positive, forgiving and expansive energy…
So, onto the ritual..

what you need:

– Fire proof cauldron or cooking pot to toss the burning paper inside
– Candle with matches or lighter
– Salt – in a small bowl or cup
– Water – in a small bowl or cup
– Sand (to put out the fire afterwards)
– Smudge sticks/incense for cleansing.
– Magickal Paper and pen

On the night of full moon, or any of the 3 nights, prepare yourself mentally and spiritually to have a moment with your Self.
Select a time where you wont be interrupted for at least 15 min.
Create a sacred space (indoor or outdoor), smudge incense and place water and salt where you feel they should go. Be creative, your sacred space can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be, as long as you stay focused on the goal of the exercise.
Light a candle and sit quietly for a moment, observing your breath. When you feel centered and connected invite angels, guides, healers and energies you feel comfortable with to join your healing circle…and allow.
At this point, begin to contemplate why you are offering this moment, think of your intentions of healing and release, make them very prominent in your awareness and when you are ready write down what habit, way of thinking, or whatever it is you want to let go.
If in a group, you may want to take turns reading your papers out loud and then burn them with the candle flame and casting them into the cauldron, one at a time. if anyone chooses to read to them selves its ok, just as long as everyone says out loud the words “be gone!” when casting the paper into the cauldron.
Give thanks, and celebrate your renewal.

In the Greatest Degree of Love,
Sat Nam & Blessings Be

Rev Adriana Hari Gobind Kaur

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