Andean Healing – Earth Star Raku Activation

Back In Mendoza


Vacations are great, that’s for sure, but going back home after 2 decades is amazing. A rush of emotions as each memory passes thru faster than lighting. A super intense feeling. The adrenaline rushing thru my body while in transit, the anticipation of seeing the faces of the people from my childhood; neighbors, old friends, relatives and old.

Coming back home after 21 yrs was indeed the best thing I could’ve done. Bringing Ollie Butterfly was a super bonus, the gift of a lifetime to myself, my sweet little darling and my family. Such a healing experience.

There is so much energy moving thru my being, healing old wounds, creating new memories, and revisiting good old ones, and not just for myself but for my family. To watch my little darling play with my dad, and run around the house, climbing the fence I use to climb, walking the streets I use to play on as a child…it fills my heart and soul with the purest love, purest joy … it’s a wonderful life!

We have arrived, we are in Mendoza, as I walk down the airplane stairs and walk Mendoza ground I take a second to look around and acknowledge the gorgeous country land of my birth place. I love this land with all my heart. There is so much of me here, no matter how long it has been.

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I eagerly walk inside the tiny international airport, grab my luggage and head over towards the exit where I should see  familiar faces …. And yes, there they are, my family, my loved ones, my lineage. Those connected to us holding space here. My hometown rests at the foot of the majestic Andean Mountains, it is a dream land …. humble but spunky, and with such great potential. ….ahhhh whatta beautiful place!! The adventure begins……

My heart pounding, my mind creating so many possibilities of the many amazing memories that are about to be created, my entire being anticipating the heart rushing experience this is about to be.

Im here only 2 weeks and with so much to discover, to crunch into this short amount of time priorities are important to keep. Where does my heart take me first?

The neighborhood hasn’t changed even though there are things that are new but many things that are not, it continues to be something I notice with each passing day. At first I could not recognize a street. We parked in front of my childhood home and I hadnt even noticed; but as the days go by I realize how much things have stayed the same.

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Reconnecting with friends, meeting their children, their new families, it was such a sweet treat. Spending time at home with dad and my gramms …just as it was before, when I young. I love the simple things that never change, like waiting for the produce guy who parks outside the house and honks the horn so the housewives come out with their baskets to get the fresh veggies of the day. Or expecting the neighbors in the morning to stop by the house for “mate” as they’re on their way to the bakery. To look outside the front door and see the majesty of the Andes and its beautiful peaks dancing with the clouds, inviting to be discovered, explored.


I had the sweet opportunity to visit the mountain and gather with some truly incredible beings. What a journey!

We headed out around 5am, hopped on a cab and were on our way to the bus terminal, where we started a truly unique experience, we were on our way to visit two holy places of the beautiful dry lands in the Valley of Cuyo.  I’ve done this trip before many times as a child, but I didn’t know the impact this was going to have on me and my life this time.

Mendoza is a place full of treasures of many kinds. The ancients of the land, the High Spirits of the Andes live deep in every corner and whisper in guidance of where to go and what to see. These are shamans like never seen before who for eons have learned the earth medicine and celestial stellar connection of the intra-terrestrial beings. Sharing bread, wine and the fruits of the land while gathered around the fire high up in the mountains, looking into the city lights, hearing the chief’s words, reaching deep into the core of the self, pulling out old stuck baggage and enjoying the feeling of lightness as we dance to the ancient sounds of the nature spirits, the flute the guitar and the thumping of the gaucho’s taco as he dances the malambo, the heartbeat of the community of the land. The mind has no choice but to let go and become one with the land, to expand into this sweet divine awareness of life!

God is real. The breath of life is real. We are here as proof of it. Every experience is so pure and for Universe to feel its own capacity and strength of Love for its own creation, for self, for its own strength. LoveSelf for SelfLove. We have this ability in us and when we are able to “see it so” it can change one’s view about everything. Communing with the stars as they twinkle high up in the night sky and to witness their journey spiraling down to meet us eye to eye, face to face, to dance with us around the fire…. this is a rush like no other. “The Raku lives in me!” I remember thinking, …feeling.

Every trip I make to Mendoza is extraordinary but this time it was literally out of this world. I traveled to visit my people and found so much more than my imagination had prepared for. The initiation between Heaven and Earth, GaiaMa and StarMa was a most magical moment in my life. The awakening of Raku, the unfolding of this energy, the uncoiling of such kundalini force moving through my Being was a moment that will stay with me for always. To witness the circle of Ascended Masters, the ArchAngelic Lights, the Federation of Light, the White Brotherhood… all beautiful radiant Energies sharing common space within notime/nowhere/here/now to deliver such a powerful message of Earth healing was absolutely divine.

….I walk down the mountain with my baby girl in my arms feeling replenished and renewed. Like im still me but a whole new me. I took a breath and felt as if it was my very first time breathing. My eyes could see the brightness in all, the true radiance of the Earth. Every cell in my body danced the symphony of Joy.

So here I am, coming back to America with a chest full of treasures and an arsenal full of LoveIntention ready to share with you, my family, my world.

From the Mendoza Valley of Argentina I present to you the Andean Reiki Activation to help you transform and transmute your own power to ignite your creative essence.


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