We often look to the horizon to seek a reference point for where we want to go. Yet there are infinite horizons within us waiting to be explored. When horses stand still, I watch them in their ability to become quiet, and I often envy them their stillness. As humans, it is so difficult for us to mentally and physically allow ourselves to be still. Horses do it naturally, when the moment presents itself. But so often in our days – it seems our moments are sucked into the vortex of constant mental and physical activities.

For us to explore our own heart, and to hear our own thoughts, we have the opportunity to create moments of stillness; to stop doing and start being.

I often feel that horses are as adept at navigating the paths of their inner landscapes, as they are the outer ones. We have much to learn from them in exploring the horizons of our souls.

Kim McElroy

Spirit of Horse E-Inspiration

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