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The powerful force of Love flows through our bodies constantly inviting and enticing us to tune into the frequency of Divinity, to embrace it to feel the bliss of Love & Light through our experience on Earth

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Can the answer to the old question “Why are we here?” be “to Love”?
Here’s a theory I’d like to share with you through this website. What do you think about the idea that while we are a spark of energy, the pure desire to explore and satisfy the senses guides us to choose to be born on Earth and live the human life.

We are here, in physical life-form because we are Love Driven to Be, to experience and to learn. We come to Earth to mature as physical beings and reconnect with our spirituality. We choose to forget to re-learn.

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Love is the ultimate power, it is Omnipotent, it is that very spark of energy used to create each one of us, its the absolute power that nothing can destroy, and we possess it. It is a part of us, and we of it.


Love is the strongest bond that exists. Like the bond of Love between a mother and her child, or a pet and its owner, a plant and the Earth. Love is indestructible.
Love is self healing. It repairs anything and everything without leaving any scars. This energy of pure Love runs through us the same way blood runs through our veins. It directly connects us to the Universe, and the Universe to us. Love is everywhere, always and forever. Tap into the energy of love and let yourself be guided by it. Invite the Universal Light to be your Guru, your teacher, your guide, and awake to this knowledge. Sit on the comfy Earth and make it your sacred temple of learning. Everything we need is here, right in front of us, right now. We are Love Driven when we allow the Force of Love to show us the way through our life-path. Let Love be the driving force behind everything you do.  

Ask the Universe for balance in your life and you shall find yourself in perfect harmony. Give the Universe Love and you will experience the Light of unconditional Love.

You’re invited to navigate the site freely and explore the long list of topics and features, from quotes, Self-Healing tips, Love & the Heart, and so much more. Keep an open heart as you venture throught each page, and your mind clear and ready to unlock the gates that will deliver total freedom, promoting unity with Spirit. Discover the knowledge, it has been dormant within you long enough.
Thank you for your visit.
Joyful Blessings be!


“Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again!”