Welcome to the LoveDriven School of Holistic Healing, Elemental Medicine & Magickal Arts for Natural Wellness.

At LoveDriven we offer ongoing workshops and classes to assist you in the expansion of your path, whether you are a seeker for self-healing and personal wellness or are looking to grow as a Lightworker practitioner of the new world. Here you will find leading edge technology offered at reasonable cost so you can focus on your growth as a modern metaphysician honoring both modern and ancient teachings..

Some of the links below will forward you directly to the LoveDriven Calendar in MeetupGroup for exact day & time. Some links will take you to an exclusive page describing details pertaining to the course of your interest. Have a fun-filled journey exploring and we look forward to seeing you around.



The Esoteric School

Magick comes in different forms. At LoveDriven. following the Wheel of the Year,  you will find a complete list of classes, workshops and events dedicated to the Magikal Arts of Ritual Science.

Full Moon Rituals

Circle Casting



Mystic Hour – A gathering for all magikal beings, Witches and Druids, Conjurers, Warlocks, Wizards and Sorcerers. and all with magikal intent are welcome