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“My husband and I tried for about 3 years for a baby. We did a few months of
infertility treatments with no luck and my doctor could find no medical
reason for our infertility. Through all the emotional ups and downs I
decided to accept certain things in my life and focus on my spiritual
health. Within 5 months of Reiki treatments with Adriana I got pregnant
and what a surprise it was! Reiki opened a realm of healing that I did not
know existed and I will forever be grateful to Adriana for teaching me this
alternative method for well being and healing. Reiki is something I will
forever incorporate in my life.”

Hollywood, FL
October 2006

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“I had a Chakra Balancing treatment from Adriana in Hollywood Fla. It was totally amazing!Adriana.s energy is truely Angelic! I felt wonderfully relaxed, balanced & my energy restored! Adriana is lovely & kind, & definitely LOVE DRIVEN!!”


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“I attended Rev. Adriana’s group meditation classes and have done private classes as well, and, what can I say, I was addicted to them! She is wonderful! A real angel. Her soft and gentle voice carries me through a space of peace I never thought existed within me. She helped me heal scars I didn’t think I ever could. Plus, before the actual meditation she always had really interesting information she shared with the group. Definitely a must try…”

Miami, Florida

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“I have tried meditation on my own prior to attending sessions with Adriana and always seemed to reach a certain point, but I was never able to fully let go and experience. During meditation with Adriana, I was able to transcend into what I would describe as different dimensions and experience consciousness on a higher level. And even though I had read about and tried various types of grounding techniques to apply prior to meditation, the one that has worked for me the best is that which Adriana taught me. She has been a wonderful guide and spiritual sister. She is truly of the light and her gentle nature soothes any tension or wound one may be feeling.”

Hollywood, FL
March 2008

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I am a woman of age and have sought out advice from many readers in my life, but the only one with all the qualities i look for is Ms Lovedriven. She is a guiding light with the most gentle voice and an incredible eye for detail who knows just what and how to say what needs to be heard. Her readings are accurate, real, no-nonsense and true. She has done so much more for me than any clinical therapist could ever do. The connection she as with the angels is absolutely amazing …must experience it to understand such pure Love.

A.J. Finn, Toronto

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I have known Adriana since 2006 I can honestly say I’ve never met a more gentile soul. I went to Adriana when I was under a lot of pressure as a single working mom I had very little support,  as I was new to South Florida. Upon meeting with Adriana I felt an immediate sense of calm. I did reiki, rain drop therapy and have had my cards read by her. I always felt better after every session. She is nothing short of amazing. Her presence is so calming and her voice reassuring. I am a Virgo and have a lot of anxiety and yet when I am in her presence I feel a sudden calming energy come over me. I also took my mother and 5-year-old son to her for reiki sessions and they both experienced healing while with her. She even helped my son with his allergies. She is a healer in the truce meaning of the word.  She brings light and love to all those whose path she crosses. I highly recommend her as a healer.

Nelida Ferreira, Atlanta, GA 2016

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