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Moringa Super Tree

The highly acclaimed Moringa tree plant has gained popularity as a new superfood because of its highly nutritious profile and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-protective properties. Super Yay!!!

Moringa oleifera, also known as horseradish tree, ben tree, or drumstick tree, is a gorgeous medium size tree originally from India, Pakistan, and Nepal and has been used for generations in Eastern countries, super popular in treating and preventing dis-eases such as diabetes, heart disease, anemia, arthritis, liver disease, and respiratory, skin, and digestive disorder, because of its high vibratory properties


Although Moringa has become popular as a leaf powder supplement, the pods, roots, bark, flowers, seeds, and fruits are also edible and highly healing.

It’s used as a traditional remedy for many ailments, and here are 10 (scientifically backed) benefits:


  1. Super Packed With Yummy Nutrients.

Moringa is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Research found it contains a significant amount of vitamins A, C, and E; Calcium; Potassium; and Protein.


  1. Good-bye Free Radicals.

Antioxidants fight free radicals, the molecules that cause oxidative stress, cell damage, and inflammation.

This wonderful tree contains antioxidants called flavonoids, polyphenols, and ascorbic acid in the leaves, flowers, and seeds.

Study finds that the Moringa leaf extracts have higher antioxidant activity, free-radical-scavenging capacity, and higher inhibition of lipid, protein, and DNA oxidation than flowers and seeds.

This means it prevents the damage and degradation that free radicals cause in the cells of different organs in the body, keeping them healthy and functioning at their best.


  1. Anti-Inflammatory.

Inflammation can lead to chronic dis-eases like diabetes, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and obesity. Moringa reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes and proteins in the body, and moringa leaf concentrate significantly lowers inflammation in the cells. Its high frequency green particles assist in elevating the glandular function purifying the blood stream by increasing oxygen production. It promotes lymphatic function and clears  excessive mucus membranes.


  1. Helps reduce some diabetes symptoms.

Moringa leaf (primarily in powder form) has been effective in reducing lipid and glucose levels, regulating oxidative stress in diabetic patients, which means it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol and improves protection against cell damage.


  1. Cardiovascular System Protection & Stimulation For Excellent Performance.

Moringa leaf has heart-healthy benefits, particularly in blood lipid control, the prevention of plaque formation in the arteries, and to reduce high cholesterol levels.


  1. It supports brain health.moringa-powder

Moringa supports brain health and cognitive function because of its antioxidant and neuro-enhancer activities. It’s also been tested as a treatment for Alzheimer’s dis-ease with favorable preliminary results.

Its high content of vitamins E and C fight oxidation that leads to neuron degeneration, improving brain function. It’s also able to normalize the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline in the brain, which play a key role in memory, mood, organ function, responses to stimulus such as stress and pleasure, and optimum mental health, for example in conditions like depression, neurosis and psychosis.


  1. The Liver Protector.

Moringa contains high concentrations of polyphenols in its leaves and flowers that protect the liver against oxidation, toxicity, and damage.

Moringa can reduce liver damage and fibrosis and reverse oxidation in the liver. Moringa oil can also restore liver enzymes to normal levels, reducing oxidative stress, and increasing protein content in the liver.

The liver is responsible for blood detoxification, bile production, fructose metabolism, fat metabolism, and nutrient processing, and it can only fulfill these functions with the aid of liver enzymes, so it’s vital they stay at normal levels. For instance, lower levels of hepatic enzymes can impair its ability to filter the blood.


  1. Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Properties.

Moringa has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight infections. It’s been effective against types of fungi that cause infections on skin and strains of bacteria responsible for blood and urinary tract infections and digestive problems.


  1. Wound Healing.

Moringa has blood-clotting properties in its leaves, roots, and seeds that enhance wound healing and can reduce clotting time, which means it reduces the time it takes for scratches, cuts, or wounds to stop bleeding.


How to Use It 

You can add fresh moringa leaves to your daily salad, its an excellent addition to your greens. Add moringa powder to your smoothie or drink it as a tea. The leaf powder has been deemed safe, even in larger doses than normal. The powder has a mild flavor, so it makes for a light tea with a slightly earthy taste.

But you might want to stay clear of seed extracts, as they have shown a level of toxicity in immune cells.

Moringa can have laxative effects in large quantities, so take a safe dose to introduce it into your diet gradually and avoid digestive problems. Recommended is ½ to 1 teaspoon per day.



Be Your Voice

Sometimes I just want to scream!!! And sometimes I only feel like enjoying the sound of my inner voice. Some days all I want is to sing, to slip inside a magical fairytale and sing the things I want to express. There are times when I feel I could let my sword speak for me, and other times the soft petals of a rose can say exactly what my heart desires.


As a woman in this new world I am just re-learning to own my voice. Growing up as the oldest sister, and only girl, the program coded in me was that I needed to be gentle and subtle, soft spoken and kind, organized and a good helper. Don’t get me wrong, I believe these are great qualities, but there is so much more.

Now that I am grown I realize we are like instruments, our voices are like instruments, our emotions are the notes that compose the beautiful melody of our lives. Some days I feel like a piano and others like a drum and I’ve learned to flow within the beat of my music and allow myself the freedom to dance. A few years ago I heard the phrase “owning  my voice” and I was perplexed, I thought it not impossible but something I hadn’t even considered a possibility, a reality. I thought things were the way they were, and life was as it was, and even though many times I could hear my inner goddess screaming, I had learned to keep her quiet and suffer in the awareness of Her prison, held back inside my heart, under my skin, experiencing the world from behind the curtains, watching, wishing, desiring, in loud silence.

Energetically, this was creating so much turbulence within me, yet I kept ignoring it, avoiding having  to face my muted self, drowning in my tears. I lived much of my life in this perspective. I’ve had a great life, I’ve enjoyed every wild adventure I’ve had, and if I had a chance to re-do my life I’d live it just as I did, I’m not one to ever go back on my choices, I understand choices help us move forward, but its only now, within my growth expansion, that I realize there was a big part of myself I had locked away, and the trickle-down effect this had on me was huge. It was when I began to work on restoring my health that I discovered the many layers of my being touched by this disconnection. I knew I had my work cut out for me and what laid ahead was about to take me deep, very deep inside my beautiful illuminated soul. This was both exciting and terrifying. I felt like I was stepping over boundaries, defying laws and reaching high going into realms unknown…. It was a rush, a fire burning in me, I was taking myself back!

creation-waveFinding my voice. Owning my voice. Standing my ground. These are things we sorta lost somewhere along the way, our history shows it and our actions as well. But we have to do the work, we have to set the right intentions for self healing, growth and conscious expansion. We have to learn to enjoy the benefits of being in our WILL and of using the power of our will when we need it. Its really all about remembering that speaking our truth is our birthright, and being heard is up to us, its how we project


Things We Can Do To Find Our Voice

. Sing it. Its important to learn to feel comfortable listening to the sound of your own voice. When we speak we want to b heard and for this we have to learn how to project our voice. A wonderful exercise for this is singing. Sing when you’re alone like no one’s listening, and dare to explore how much you can stretch your voice, deep voice and then high pitch. Know your voice. This exercises the core muscle in your gut and expands your projection and rebuilds a strong healthy aura 😉

. Speak up. Say NO when you want to and, when you say YES mean it. Many times we think we use our empathy for others and say yes when we really want to say no because we don’t want to hurt their feelings … Doing this we don’t realize we’re not projecting our truth and instead we create stagnancy in our core. Focus on fulfilling your feelings by being authentic and speaking up when you need to, and in turn you will fulfill the feelings of others. When we are fulfilled we are happy and happiness is contagious. Speaking up creates stability and self respect, this is a wonderful formula we want to share with the world around us.

. Be your best friend. Have deep conversations with yourself. Creating self conversation will allow you to explore your inner realms discovering hidden truths about you. When we hide things about ourselves we automatically dwell in lower vibrations and thus create stagnancy within our own natural flow, making it super challenging to project our true inner light. Because we project from the solar plexus, hiding parts of ourselves creates resistance in the plexus region. Self talk is a great way of shedding the thick layers of guilt, shame and blame and brings in the light ofyoga-beach-reflection compassion and forgiveness.

. Exercise Body Mind & Soul. Practicing any form of exercise, like yoga, can help strengthen the solar plexus, which is the home of confidence and will power. Building your physical strength and combining it with mental and spiritual balance puts together a strong and confident person. Join a group for exercise, like a yoga studio and/or gym,  also practice at home, nurturing both layers of community and self expansion.

. Think before you speak. This is a very helpful practice in every situation, when we react to an energy, be it a comment or action from another, we tend to come from spontaneous reflex and self-defense mechanism, adding fire to the fire and eventually co-creating conflict, instead, we want to come forth from our true projection and the best way to tap into that and use it when we need it is to give ourselves the moment to find that point of projection and release the words we know we want to share and not from an emotional reaction. This helps us be in the “driver seat of our emotional scale”. Allowing ourselves to feel our emotions is a wonderful tool, but reacting from them is not.

. Share your vision. You will find your groove when you open yourself up to the possibilities around you. Join a group of like-minded souls where you can begin to explore your inner realms and share the visions. Your dreams, your desires, your challenges and accomplishments may also be another’s and opening up and sharing may also give them strength to open up and share. Finding an outlet to express yourself will help release fear and shame, empower your core and own your voice.

. Have an Attitude of Gratitude. Discover the amplified gratification of practicing gratitude by beginning each day with a rampage of appreciation, fill up your space, your mind, your heart, your vessel of all the things you are grateful for. Your voice, express to Source Energy God/dess your appreciation for having a voice, owning your voice in whatever form you use it. How ever you express your wishes, your desires, your wants and needs… SPEAK UP. Use your sound, use your body, use your WHOLE SELF to let the world know I AM HERE, I AM LOVE, I AM.


Love yourself, no matter what, remember that whatever form of LOVE you give to yourself is what you will receive from the world. We see what we are. Be Love.