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Sound Healing

Elevate in meditation through the healing sounds of delta tones, singing bowls, tingshas and chimes. Close the day with the soothing sound of your breath and the healing vibration of your heartbeat.

Join me Tuesday evening, at my home, to practice the divine discipline of Dhyana Yoga: Meditation, Stillness, Simran, Mindfulness, and deep relaxation through sound, Being in the unified field.

In this hour we begin with a brief guided meditation to flow into the Infinite Conscious Mind of no-space no-time to journey through the inner place of healing and feel the Freedom of Being, the True Self.

Bring a yoga mat, meditation cushions, pillow, blankie and whatever makes you feel cozy and comfy.

Space is limited. To RSVP and for address please go to the LoveDriven Meetup Page ..or contact me