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Energy Healing Sessions

Reiki is a non-intrusive, all-complimentary, method of healing.
Sessions are available for people of all ages, for pregnant women, for children, for pets, even for your plants.

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What Is Reiki?

Pronounced ‘ray-key’, is a Japanese word which means “universal life force energy”.
Reiki is an ancient art-form of energy healing that was re-introduced by Dr. Mikao Usui in early 19th century. It is a holistic healing system that works to create spiritual, mental and physical harmony.
Reiki is safe, non-intrusive healing energy which channels itself to wherever it is needed in the body. By stimulating the body’s natural healing ability at the deepest level, it removes physical and emotional blockages that may be causing illness or upset. It is a detoxifying process that cleanses the body and helps balance the chakras, bringing harmony to mind, body and spirit.
Many different ailments can be treated with reiki. It reinforces the immune system; headaches, back ache and stress-related illness all respond well to reiki. Chronic illnesses, such as arthritis or asthma can also benefit from reiki.
Reiki’s initial stages can be learned by anyone regardless of their personal philosophy and/or spiritual belief system. “Through the initiations of Reiki comes a “re-awakening”, a re-opening of the stronger healing potential that lies within us all.” –Mikao Usui

Reiki is universal life energy that heals the body, mind and spirit. It provides balance and symmetry and connects us to our higher selves. Reiki is a healing energy that leads to greater individual harmony and attunement to the basic forces of the universe.

~ Five Reiki Principles ~

Just For Today, Do Not Worry

Just For Today, Do Not Anger

Earn Your Living Honestly

Show Gratitude For All Living Beings

Respect Your Parents & Elders

As a Reiki Master Teacher Rev. Adriana offers Reiki Training Certification courses. Make sure to check the Calendar for upcoming dates, or email for more information.

* Healing sessions are by appointment only, currently in the state of Florida, USA. Remote healing also available. Visit the Prayer Box Page for more information and to submit a request.

** Invite some friends and have a Natural Healing Party!