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Reiki Circle


Mondays 7:30pm

Epidauria Holistic Wellness Center

111 S 21st Ave. Hollywood, Fl 33020

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Journey  within, Explore the Innerverse of your Soul, Connect with the Source of Unconditional Love and Experience the True Freedom of living in pure consciousness. Pure Love Reiki Circles help you tap in to your inner world to bring you forward into the body of forgiveness and compassion that live within you. You have the power to live the life you wish, in Good Health, Wealth and Joy.

True healing begins with you. When our brother Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in thee world” he meant Love YourSelf, and you will see the world thru the eyes of Love.

At a Pure Love Reiki Waves of Healing Circle we gather to experience healing together, as a family. We focus on Reiki Meditations for clearing, nurturing and elevating the soul. You’re welcome to join us whether you practice Reiki and want to share or just want to sit in for a yummy ring of vibrational energy healing. We explore basic healing techniques that can be useful in everyday life… rise to your Highest Purpose!
This divine experience includes a healing altar with crystal grids and homemade orgonite,  community healing, sacred geometry, meditation, law of attraction, energy magntesim, and the ultimate holistic healing technology, for your Well-Being. 

During a Reiki Circle we may explore:

  • A wide variety of Reiki techniques such as Usui, Andean Raku, Kundalini, Rainbow, Full Spectrum, Faerie Reiki, Shamanic, Seichim, White Tiger Reiki
  • Vibrational Sound Healing with Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Pyramids, Tuning Forks, Tingshas, etc.
  • DNA Upgrades, Energy Activations & Sacred Geometry Portal Access
  • Aromatherapy via highest quality charged essential oils
  • Healing and charging altar
  • Pranayam (Breathing Exercises)
  • Conscious Movement Meditations
  • Goal Setting …and tons more!
Experience Wholeness ~ Reduce Stress ~ Sharper Memory

Increase Stamina ~ Look and feel younger and happier than ever!

Contribution: $20

During this hour we link to the Healing Chain of Masters Healers & the Realms of Highest Good. We elevate our minds & souls in group consciousness meditation to open our hearts and allow the sacred life-force energy to flow thru our bodies. While in deep meditation each person receives the gift of one-on-one Reiki Energy healing to help heal what needs to heal, remove unhealthy thoughts, self-destructive patterns, clear up karmas, and more. There are many incredible rewards, discover them!

REIKI is good for people of all ages, for pregnant women, for pets, for plants!!

Reiki is a non-intrusive, all-complimentary, method of energy healing; it is available to people of all ages, for pregnant women, for pets, even for your plants! With Reiki you can treat any type of discomfort or dis-ease whether it stems from physical, emotional or mental origins.

Breath * Stillness * Relaxation * Healing * Peace

Whenever there’s a slight bit of resistance the physical body contracts and the natural healing process comes to a halt. Reiki’s gentleness will soften the resistance to allow the natural flow and re-introduce the art of self-healing into being.

what to bring: a yoga mat or blankie, we will be sitting on the floor

Feel free to contact me for questions or more details: 646.508.1394 or LoveDriven.com