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Community Healing Service

By generating the intention in your heart that you want a loved one to feel better you are automatically sending them healing energy …or what is also known as “good vibes”.
This section is dedicated to the global community for easy access to the healing services offered here. Whether you are near or far you can still send/receive the benefits of Energy Healing.

As part of Community Service I also dedicate time to work with animals (strays, orphans, and in need of healing). In partnership with ChaChi’s Grooming and Broward Animal Hospital, the goal is to provide a safe environment for animals to live happy & healthy lives.
For more information, activities and other community services visit the Action Center.

Enjoy your visit to the LoveDriven site and may Peace and Light embrace you fully!


This prayer box is always open for healing requests. It is a circle of people who receive healing energy via Remote Healing. Remote healing means sending energy from a distance.Click here to Send Your Request.


Please submit name and location (city, state/country) of the person/animal/plant, situation, etc. that you know can benefit from healing energy. The energy sent is channeled Universal Life Force Energy. Thank you for your request. God Bless. The healing wheel is every Saturday 1:30pm EST (convert to your time-zone here)

(Confidentiality Notice – Any information you submit is private and will only be read by Rev Adriana Z Hari Gobind Kaur)


Thank You for your continued support and free will love offering. In the Greatest Degree of Love I wish Divine Light on your path and Brightest Blessings Be!