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PreNatal & PostNatal Reiki

Pre-Natal Healing & Meditation

ld-prenatalreikiAs women we have been gifted with the Light of Creation. The journey of pregnancy is a path that within itself it holds many wonderful gifts we discover along the way. Its the most fulfilling realization we can experience.
A Prenatal session includes deep and soothing Reiki healing with nurturing sounds to stimulate peace and tranquility as the warm blanket of energy flows thru mommy and her growing little one, while creating a true and direct conscious connection for mommy and her belly. This is a full body treatment. The session is completed with a guided meditation and pranayam to continue cultivating the link between mommy and baby.

1st Saturday of the month
Epidauria Holistic Wellness Center
111 S 21st Ave Hollywood Fl 33020



Post-Natal Healingld-babyreiki2

Once baby arrives life has blossomed into a whole new dimension. The opportunity to start living all over again and the thrill of seeing the world for the first time has made itself real. Enjoy these pearls of Joy without any leftover feelings that may try to keep you from living each moment to the max. Beat those baby-blues and live joyfully in mommyhood!

“You are the closest I will ever come to magic.” ― Suzanne F

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