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Essential Oils, Gentle Massage, Reflexology & Hot Stones Experience the healing powers, extraordinary attributes and diverse application methods of essential oils, all in one amazing healing session.

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Chakra Therapy

Radiesthesia, Crystal Healing, Guided Chakra Meditation, Sound Ripple Healing and Deep Relaxation are all part of this phenomenal treatment. Explore your basic Chakra System and discover your true potential!

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Crystal Healing

The use of crystals and gemstones for healing has been with us since ancient times. The vibrational frequency of crystals has a high resonance, stimulating the subtle body and creating balance throughout the entire being. Renew with a crystal grid.

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Reiki Circle

Reiki is a non-intrusive, all-complimentary method of energy healing, available to people of all ages, for pregnant women, for pets, even for your plants! Experience Wholeness. Click Here for info about private Reiki sessions

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Pre/PostNatal Reiki & Meditation


The journey of pregnancy is a time of connecting with the Universal Creative Energy, and becoming a mother we tap into the infinite line of ancestors mothers of the world. Reiki Healing and Meditation for Mommy and baby provides the safe and sacred space during both stages of Motherhood.

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Healing for Pets

Our furry/feathery little friends are more than just pets, they are family. Introduce your animal pal to the world of energy medicine. The LoveDriven Healing For Pets treatment compliments all stages of healing, whether its a minor cold or pro/post surgical procedures, focusing exclusively on helping our animal companions on every level, for their Well-Being.

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Spiritual ReConnection

A spiritual consultation consists of open conversation and evaluation containing specific questions regarding one’s current spiritual awareness for development, and may include techniques, practices, dietary systems, nutrition, lifestyle, etc.

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Sound Healing

Elevate in meditation through the healing sounds of delta tones, singing bowls, tingshas and chimes. Close the day with the soothing sound of your breath and the vibration of your heartbeat. learn more

Healing With The Angels & Faeries

Receive blessings and guidance from the Angels & Faeries. See yourself and the world through the eyes of Compassion and Divine Love.

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Community Healing

By generating the intention in your heart that you want a loved one to feel better you are automatically sending them healing energy …or what is also known as “good vibes”. Join the Healing Wheel, a circle of people sending/receiving healing energy via Remote Healing. Remote healing means sending energy from a distance.

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Bio-Energetic Healing

by LoveDriven

Nature’s Healing Touch Therapies Are Inspired By The Universe And Crafted Under The Guidance Of Mother Earth.

The LoveDriven’s NHTT Sessions consist of a variety of modalities put together to formulate a soothing and thorough treatment that will deliver the receiver into a space of absolute well-BEing. Including the magnificent and powerful techniques of Usui, Andean & Kundalini Reiki, Sound Vibrational Activation, Aura Clearing, Crystal Chakra Alignment, Aromatherapeutic Massage, Rose Petals, Hot Stones Detox, Pranayam & Asana, Celtic Shamanism, and Angels & Faeries Healing; this leading edge therapy includes an assessment of living habits to help determine and unfold the treatment in an organic way and considering all beneficial and uplifting options.
Also available Healing For Pets

These treatments help achieve a harmonious state of health and find balance within mind, body and soul. This series of techniques are targeted to assist in re-connecting and re-alignment of the being on every level, spiritual to physical. Every session is completely personalized to fit your needs.
Treat any type of physical discomfort or emotional pain. Reconnect with your Inner Being and feel through the Higher Self. I invite you to experience a healing session that will leave you refreshed and recharged, and ready to receive the replenished and abundant life Mother Nature and the Universe so openly give. Get Your Love Energy Blast Today!

~ Totally compliments any type of medical treatment and is 100% non-intrusive

Journey through the senses, let Nature take your hand and guide you through the path to Wellness as you explore the infinite worlds of your Being.


pranayam ~ yoga ~ crystals ~ sacred circles ~ aromatherapy ~ sound healing ~ incense

  •  Reduce Stress
  •  Increase your energy levels
  •  Promote increased confidence
  •  Bring the body and mind into balance
  •  Treat emotional distress
  •  Boost immune system

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1 Healing Session (90 min) $125

5 Sessions: $500 ($125 savings)

to fulfill in 6 weeks

10 Sessions: $950 ($300)

to fulfill in 12 weeks


Healing sessions are by appointment only.
Appointments in person are in the South Florida region. Remote healing also available.
Contact me for more details and to set up an appointment.

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