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The Wiccan Way

Merry Meet! Merry Part! & Merry Meet Again!

Essential Elemental Wicca Celtic Shamanism

A Basic WitchCraft Course


The basic outline for this course will provide you with thorough grounding knowledge of traditional & modern Wicca and will help you better understand the underlying mindset. In a fun and safe environment you will attain working knowledge of Celtic White Witchcraft, which you will know how and when to apply in your everyday life.

The class meets every New Moon to study and every Full Moon for practice


“An it harm none,

Do as ye will”

We will explore:
* Spells & Rituals
* Sabbats & Esbats
* Rites of Passage
* Fertility Magic
* Developing Psychic Power
* Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience
* Telepathy
* The Coven
* Energy & Psychic Healing
* Working With the Earth
* The Elements
* Aromatherapeutic Craft
* Potions, Elixirs & Tonics
* Herbal Healing
* Wiccan Tools & Crafts
* Prediction
* Harmony Magic
* Reincarnation
* Astrology, Astronomy & Sacred Geometry
* Prayers & Incantations, …and so much more!

Many people choose to study solely for intellectual and philosophical enlightenment, for self-enrichment, and do not intend to become practicing Witches. The course provides you with the grounding knowledge whether your chosen path is as a solitaire or active work within a coven.
All seekers are welcome.


** 17 yrs of age or younger require parent’s consent

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The course in Essential Wicca consists of an introductory lecture, followed by a series of lectures each dedicated to a specific topic. All study material is illustrated and written in a language that is easy to understand, and contains years of ancient knowledge



This course is compiled by H Priestess Rev Adriana LoveDriven, with the assistance of sisters witches Angie Gonzalez of EcoRainbow Goddess & Rebeca Truzman of Shivaya Healing Center, and has been created for the apprentice of the LoveDriven School of Holistic & Magical Arts for Natural Wellness. All Rights Reserved