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Faerie Oracle Cards Workshop

Have you ever asked yourself if Faeries really do exist? Wondered what they are about, what they look like?
Have you ever felt that you know they are out there but don’t know how to communicate with them?
If these questions have dwelled in your mind then this class is just what you’ve been waiting for!

Learn how to read the Healing With The Faeries Oracle Cards with this complete 1-day Faerie Workshop.

Tap into the reign of Nature and commune with Mother Earth and her Nature-Spirits.

You will learn to channel the Faerie Realms of Highest Good and deliver the messages, blessings and guidance through the Faeire Oracle card deck. You will also learn Faerie meditations, card spreads, and more.
Let yourself be inspired by Mother Goddess of Natural Creation, & the Love of the Faeries!

A brand new card deck will be provided along with any additional material you might need.

Class offered by:
Rev. Adriana Zotelo, RM, NHT, AT, SPA

Class Fee:
$55 in advance – $65 the day of

Contact Me for more information or to register for this class.