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Matriarchs Coming


The times of change are upon us. The Galactic Mother returns after a long cycle of rest, we are at the edge of Ascension, at the moment of our New Earth Rising.


The Grand Masters of Light are here …


Galactic Conference On Planet Earth

Latest transmission from The Messengers of The Federation of Light

(link with details below)


global-healingIt is an honor and a privilege for us to hold such …


Orion’s Deliverance 12.12.15

My dear Earth family, once again our elders from the Federation of Light have shared a super sweet message, I’m eager to share with you …so here it goes.

Our Divine Stars on Earth,

You have been in receiving mode


An Angel In My Closet

Its the sweetest thing to experience.

Ever since I was little I’ve thought of closets to be “tween places” an in-between place,  a door connecting two worlds, a way to move through realms.

angel-w-kittyIt was a rainy day sometime last …


11:11 Gateway

Cosmic Quiet New Moon


This is a message from the White Federation of Light, an energetic transmission regarding the fullness and vibratory adjustment that is being delivered by the 11:11 New Moon Gateway

There are many frequencies worth noting during …


I’ve Got My Broom


“a time of balance”

I’m at the supermarket with my darling sweet-pea faerie when I bumped into a goddess sistar friend and she notices I have a cinnamon broom in my shopping cart …she knows me well so it wasn’t …


White Light Constellation Sat July 4th

I sat in meditation with Gaia Galaxy and received a divine message from the White Light Constellation of The Pleiadians. This download came thru so clear I’m deeply grateful to these beautiful Beings for their sharing….

The Federation of Light …


Andean Healing – Earth Star Raku Activation

Back In Mendoza


Vacations are great, that’s for sure, but going back home after 2 decades is amazing. A rush of emotions as each memory passes thru faster than lighting. A super intense feeling. The adrenaline rushing thru my body …


DIY Baby Cold Home Remedy

For your congested little one.

Because there is nothing more heart-wrenching than watching your baby struggle with a cold or flu.


Feeling sick is uncomfortable, the body aches and feels like it drags, the nose runs nonstop, sneezing on everything …