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Melt away stress, relax and restore the body,
soothe the senses in a tranquil atmosphere.
Add a new dimension to the connection between mind, body and soul.


Ancient cultures traditionally used essential oils to aid and protect the body’s natural defense system, strengthen body structures and for medicinal and ceremonial purposes. Just like them, scientists and practitioners continue to research and realize the powerful benefits that they provide for the mind, body and spirit.

This Aromatic Touch Therapy is a wonderful and complete treatment that triggers the structural alignment, assists the bone conformation, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, aids in circulation and balances the emotions. It works to stimulate not only the glands, organs and the physical body in general, but also the Chakra System, our sacred energy centers.

It consists on the application of 7 essential oils applied on the back, along the spine, in a very specific way done in the form of a gentle massage. This gratifying treatment includes Reflexology done on the hands and feet and concludes with the application of Hot Stones, Reiki & Sound Healing while in deep relaxation.

The most beneficial essential oils are those sourced from organic or wild crafted plants and botanicals and are guaranteed to be 100% pure. The essential oils used in this treatment are each specifically tested and certified for purity using a process known as Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined (E.O.B.B.D.)


* Healing sessions are by appointment only. ** Invite some friends and have a Natural Healing Party! Contact Me for more details.