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Angels & Faeries Oracle Readings



The Angels bring peace to life, serving the higher purpose as guardian spirits, protecting and guiding human beings Receive blessings and guidance from our Heavenly Friends .
The Faeries bring joy to life! They remind us to stay connected to our inner child, to be free and playful.
The Voice of the Trees. Based on the ancient ogham alphabet of Irish Bardic Lore, tap into the Wise Old Knowledge of the eternal Trees.
Rune Casting From the Old Norse, runes are an ancient form of getting answers not about the future but to help see the present more clearly.
Readings are by appointment only.
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Readings are by appointment only. Phone appointments also avialable.There are many methods of divination and intuitive readings, CLICK HERE to know more…* Invite some friends and have a Divination Party! *Contact Me for more details.