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There is a powerful force of energy which we call Love flowing through our bodies constantly inviting us to tap in and tune in to its Divine frequency, to embrace it to feel the bliss of Purity of Light through our experience on Earth. This energy is our fuel, it’s what drives us to be and become as we learn. This driving-force of Love Divine guides me in my journey, LoveDriven.
Love is not a state of mind, nor is it a thing that can be grabbed, or obtained. We are Love, we are in Love, and of Love. Love is. Love manifests in a wide range of shapes and forms, and sounds and colors, actions and words, events and people, everything. Unlike some research denotes, I believe Love IS expressed by all beings, not just humans. An animal feels and expresses Love just as much as a plant, as does the Earth, as do we. Everything is in Love, comes from Love. Love is the message. Love is the Essence. Love Is Source.

Through LoveDriven, it is my wish to contribute my views of Life, Love and how I perceive the Universe, God/Goddess, Creation, and the relationship we share. In your explorations through my website you will find my discoveries and personal opinions on topics such as Life, Creation , Coexistence and the beginning, Divine Love, Spirituality, The Cosmos, Mother Earth and all things natural,  just to name a few.

I’m pleased to share my thoughts about the many wonderful topics that make up this exquisite conjunction of existence.
In the Greatest Degree of Love,
Peace on Earth

Who Is LoveDriven


Rev. H.Pr. Adriana Zotelo Hari Gobind Kaur, RGMT, HLC, SPA, IKYTA I, 200hr YA
. BioEnergetic Holistic Meta-Physician
. Human Activator
. Ordained Interfaith Minister, Alliance of Divine Love, Chapel 1612
. White Wicca Priestess
. Wellness Coach & Life Shifter
. Goddess Founder of LoveDriven
. Founder of ThinkActUnity
. Certified Usui Ryoho Master Teacher & Andean Raku Reiki Grand Master, in addition to
. ArchAngelic Celestial Reiki, Kundalini Reiki Master, Radiant Body Reiki, Full Spectrum Rainbow Reiki, Green Tara Seichim Reiki, White Tara Reiki, Faeries Magic Healing Reiki, Akashic Reiki, Sacred Silver Moon Reiki, Tiger Reiki
. Star Light Constellations Transmitter
. Practical Mysticist
. Spiritual Research & Development
. Holistic Natural-Healing Therapist
. Meditation Instructor
. Certified 200hr Kundalini Yoga & 200hr Vinyasa
. Certified Aroma-Healing Therapist
. Spiritual Consultant
. Angel & Faery Oracle And Tarot Consultant
. Law Of Attraction Implementer
. Multi-Dimensional Explorer
. Magickal Arts Professor
. Writer, Philosopher, Philanthropist
. Mother, Animal Lover & Peace Ambassador
. Spiritual Party Animal

Born in the Andes Mountains of Argentina, with Middle Eastern and Italian heritage, I am a soul in a body expressing my experience as I flow through the rhythmic dance of life, living and sharing what I learn in the Grace of Mother Gaia and a constant reflection of Goddess, the Divine Feminine. Knowledge is a huge drive and inspiration for growth, and self-mastery is a great reward, but the greatest gift is living in Awareness of Guru, the Light in me and in us all.
Presently, I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister with The Alliance of Divine Love, and a certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher, Kundalini Reiki practitioner and re-coded as an Andean Raku Reiki Grand Master. I have also received training and initiation in a myriad of Reiki Healing Techniques such as ArchAngelic Celestial Reiki, Kundalini Reiki Master, Radiant Body Reiki, Full Spectrum Rainbow Reiki, Green Tara Seichim Reiki, White Tara Reiki, Faeries Magic Healing Reiki, Akashic Reiki, Sacred Silver Moon Reiki & Tiger Reiki. Born clairsentient and geomancer, I have the natural ability to hear the voice of the Trees and speak the Light Language of the Earth, I channel the Federation of Light, the StarLight Constellations of Orion and StarSeeds of my ancestors, The Pleiadians, via a channel coded in my DNA at the time of Earth birth. By the age of 20 I had received formal training and certification in White Wicca and the art of Astrology by The Church & School otriquetra-w-heartf Wicca. From a very young age I’ve received intuitive transmissions by channeling the ArchAngelic and Faery Realms for the purpose of healing and Oracle blessings. My channeling abilities occur in the vibratory frequencies of 12.8. I have also received formal training and certification in Aroma-Healing Therapy, Chakra Yoga, Chakra Crystal-Light Therapy and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.
Other modalities I practice, teach and include in healing sessions are Sound-Vibration, Candle Magick, Crystal Therapy, Life-Trauma, Karma Clearing, DNA re-adjustment and Sacred Circles.

The goal is to assist in “unlocking” and “awakening” the etheric DNA to help achieve a greater perspective of one’s Divine Being. The mission is to deliver the message of Self Healing to the receptive ears of the world. When we know how to heal our selves, we can heal the world.
Over 15 years ago, I began the journey in the world of Meditation, Yoga and the Eastern arts of health and joyful living. Educated myself in various schools of Yoga and applied the techniques to heal and re-align myself to my Self, my life’s purpose. Eventually, these techniques sprung me forth into discovering 2 amazing paths, one the world of Energy Healing and the other is the realm of strength and flexibility with the Surya Namaskar, of the Vinyasa system, and Kundalini Yoga, which I am currently teach.

All the training I have acquired could’ve not been possible without the immense challenges I was facing in my life. Struggling to keep my health strong

In 2012 Spirit Universe granted me the gift of Motherhood which placed me in an indescribable space/time in this life where the journey of abundance and blissful growth became opulent and endless
Presently, I teach meditation, yoga and other workshops, as well as private consultations, targeted towards self healing and spiritual activation. I dedicate time creating playdate spaces for active moms to share a moment of yoga & meditation with their children, I participate in Online Community Weblogs and Online Forums to share views on life and to offer blessings, comfort, and positive energy. As co-founder of ThinkActUnity.org, a non-for-profit project, I research world news, events and all that promotes world unity, sharing with the community to think globally and act locally; and I enjoy participating in community volunteer programs. Also, having co-founded The Driven Collective, inspiration for the world community to be driven to live life in absolute Joy & Peace is our primary purpose. As an Active Member of Peta.org, a member of World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, The Humane Society of the United States I donate time to spread conscious education in the community on issues of domestic and animal abuse, world peace and healing.
Joyfully, I live at home with my darling butterfly garden faerie and our 12 cats.

“I truly enjoy sharing my experience of Divine Unity with the world.
May you always live with Love & Light on your path, and Joyful Blessings be!”

Adriana means Goddess of the sea.
Hari is a name of God whose vibration opens the flow of love, kindness, prosperity and creativity within you. Hari is creation in action.
Gobind means one who belongs to God and who protects the earth; who is a healing protector on this earth.
Kaur means the Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and power through her life.


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